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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chevy Rubs Russia's Nose in the Snow at Sochi

Have you been paying attention to Chevy's ads during the Olympics? They're equating homosexual pairs with married couples. Talk about sticking it to your host country for their determination to protect children from gay propaganda. Egad! Chevy is giving the term "family car" new meaning?

Just think, only two generations ago, such ads would have sparked outrage. No one in his right mind would have advocated giving vulnerable, innocent children to a group notorious for seeking sex with youngsters. ("Sex before eight or else it's too late!") And now, it's mainstream?

Sodomy is one of the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Tie it into the exploitation of children and you have the perfect storm for God's punishment. Why should God bless America? A country that murders millions of babies and worships at the altar of lust?

I'm offering my rosary today for the conversion of this once great nation which has sunk so far into the muck it's hard to imagine it being drawn out again. As for Chevy...well almost every car we've owned since our marriage was a Chevy: Malibu sedan, Malibu wagon, Caprice wagon, Venture Van. No more. We're divorcing Chevrolet!


  1. New US, got it. Where do I go to become an undocumented alien.

  2. Just another reason not to watch the Winter Olympics! Who would have ever thought Putin would have been on our side on this issue.

  3. This is the "courage" proclaimed by the Left secularists. Morally unhinged capitalist beneficiaries of statist bailouts pitch to the most economically elite segment of U.S. society-homosexuals. Where are the ads for heterosexuals to breed the offspring for our well heeled homosexual units?

  4. One of our last new car purchases was a GMC. Our next new car purchase will not be.