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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Heat's On and It's Changing the Pelletiers Prospects!

The foster home in Merrimac where Justina Pelletier was scheduled to be moved has backed out. After supporters reported a vigil for this Saturday, the facility said no way and refused to accept her. Too much controversy! That's good and certainly a sign public pressure has raised the ante. Seems like the Judge is also feeling the heat. The West Hartford Patch reports that he is now willing to consider a release plan that will return Justina home under some kind of "supervision." Lawyers will report on "the plan" on March 17th.

Judge Reportedly Open to Justina Pelletier Returning Home to West Hartford

Time will tell whether this is just one more delaying tactic by the court and DCF, but it's good to see that two Massachusetts state senators are supporting the Pelletiers and twelve others signed on to a resolution for DCF to begin proceedings to release Justina to her parents. Such a resolution can't come too soon. 

Read more:

Major Updates in Justina Pelletier Case: Lawmakers Get Involved, Teen Will Not Be Transferred to Foster Care

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