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Friday, February 21, 2014

Time to Resurrect the Inquisition?

When you read what some Catholic universities are doing these days, it's hard not to pine for the good old days when Torquemada took a firm hand with heretics. He wouldn't have a hard time finding them today - just visit most Jesuit schools. Here's one example, Santa Clara, that recently hosted a "Rainbow Prom" to shill for same-sex marriage. The U.S. bishops may be defending traditional marriage, but this Jesuit school essentially says...well...I can't say it because I'm a lady. 

And then there's Gonzaga University, another Jesuit school, with a history of providing a platform to liberal speakers at its Flannery Lecture Series. No orthodox professors need apply. Among the featured heretics are the infamous Charlie Curran who led the rebellion against Humanae Vitae and may no longer teach as a Catholic theologian. Proponents of same-sex marriage are regularly welcomed including Father Bryan Massingale from Marquette and Michael Himes from Boston College (both Jesuit schools). Himes has reportedly said, “If it is true that there are people who are irretrievably homosexual, then it is vicious to tell them they can’t get married. To tell someone they have to be celibate is absolutely mad.” Wow! Anal sex good -- celibacy bad! This is Catholic?
It isn't just the Jebbies, though. Most Catholic schools have traded our holy faith for popular secular immorality. Villanova which boasts of their "Augustinian tradition" recently hosted a Pennsylvania state senator, Daylin Leach, who is a champion of same-sex marriage. But that's not all. According to The Cardinal Newman Society:
Leach recently proposed a bill that would forbid Catholic schools from enforcing the Church's teachings on homosexuality in Catholics schools. After a Pennsylvania teacher was fired in December from a Catholic school after applying for a same-sex marriage license, Leach proposed amending the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to prohibit Catholic schools from terminating publicly gay teachers even when the teachers had signed a contract to model the Church's teachings for their students.
Well, God forbid that Catholic institutions should have the right to act according to their doctrines. We suspect Senator Leach would be less interested in defending the rights of Coach Dave Daubenmire who was denied a job at Lakewood High School because he defended traditional marriage. The liberal inquisitors would happily burn at the stake all those who defend marriage between a man and a woman, an institution that has served society well for thousands of years!

In fact, the liberal left has reinstated the inquisition to punish any who dare to challenge their creed of diversity and perversity. Just ask the florists, caterers, innkeepers, bakers, and wedding photographers who have been sued because they would not bend their religious beliefs to the latest zeitgeist. Christians are particularly targeted like the owners of Sweet Cakes whose webpage identifies them as Christian. They've closed their bakery after the inquisitors' smears but continue working from home.

The next move is to force ministers to perform same-sex weddings. Think that's not on the agenda? The Church of England is already in the sites. We haven't even begun to see the hatred from the gay activist community that will destroy anyone who stands in their way. It's diabolical and the fact that Catholic schools and religious orders are enabling it gives new meaning to the word pharisees.

Pope Francis has publicly defended traditional marriage and called bills legalizing same sex "marriage" a "machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God." Will the pope reign in his rebellious sons and daughters and bring a renaissance to Catholic education? Is it even possible? That remains to be seen.


  1. Ms Kreitzer, a point of order:

    As an Anglican, I'd like to point out that the Church of England is the established church of the country. Anglican bishops sit in the House of Lords and can vote on all issues. No representatives of other faiths are in the HoL by virtue of their religious position.

    As it is an established church, the Church of England's position is quite different to that of others, such as the Catholic or Orthodox or other Protestant churches, or indeed the position of non-Christian denominations in England. The Church of England (as is obvious from the name) is de jure part of the government of the realm. In a further twist, the law allowing "gay marriage" effectively prohibits the CoE from conducting such ceremonies unless it decides to opt in.

    This raises the question of how one part of government can permit such marriages, while another part cannot.

    Therefore, the CoE is in the unique position of having its opposition to "same sex marriage" challenged in the courts. Some churches (the Quakers spring to mind) have said they would perform such ceremonies; more importantly (in terms of population, about 10% profess to be Catholic), the doctrines of the Church of Rome continue to apply. No-one in England can sue the CoR, because it is not the established church of the realm.

    As for the Jesuits, they have a long history of annoying people, which I can appreciate and respect even as a Protestant. :)

    The rest of your article is beyond my ken, not being a citizen of the USA.

  2. Thank you so much for your input, Mr. Allin. You make an interesting point. Sounds like it's time for the C of E to seek a divorce.

    As for no one being able to sue the Catholic Church, I'm sure ACLU will gladly prove you wrong. the Methodist Church has already been sued (and lost) for denying use of its facilities for a same-sex wedding.

    And Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption business in some states because of being forced to place innocent children with homosexuals.

    So we wait with baited breath for the next assault knowing full well it is just a question of time.

  3. Mary Ann,

    Your not being entirely clear on the actual facts of the two examples.

    The Methodist Church building was something that they opened for public use. They were NOT as in most cases of Catholic Church halls,using it strictly for church events, meetings, prayer, etc. Once you open anything up to the public, and charge money for its use, you are performing a business function and have to follow the law, (taxes, building codes and yes, non discrimination codes.) Its the price of doing business. That is the same for caterers,etc. If they are doing business within a community you have to abide by the laws of that community/

    Which is the same as Catholic Charities. They weren't "forced," out of business (as in the govt. coming in and telling them to close down) they had govt. funding revoked and they chose to shut down. If they could have and would have kept operating on their own dime they would be free to do as they please. They weren't being "forced," to place kids with gay couples...if they were accepting money from the state they would have to abide by the laws of the state of Illinois, where gays can adopt.

    Speaking of Methodist Churches....

    The world is not as simple as we would sometimes wish it to be.

  4. You're right, Devlin, but it's still a case of discrimination. Are you saying that the Methodist Church should be forced to rent its facilities for a porn festival because it opens its doors for public use? That's crazy!

    In Illinois Catholic Charities offered to refer to other agencies those they could not morally assist. The state refused and cancelled all their contracts. So essentially, the state discriminates against those with politically incorrect values.

    Money is a great way to manipulate people. Losing the grants forced the agencies to close. Let's face it, the state can force the closure of many businesses that way and it's already happening with religious people who refuse to participate in same-sex "weddings." The persecution will only increase.

    In Virginia (SB 349)the state allows religious agencies to not participate in adoptions that violate their religious values. That will probably go out the window with the liberal tyrants who took over in January. Poor Virginia!