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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Idiocy on Display in Austin

The moment woman jogger in headphones is knocked to the floor and handcuffed by cops because she didn't hear when they tried to ticket her for jaywalking

And just think, this idiocy got Austin headlines in the U.K. That should bring them plenty of tourists.

Way to go, big (fat) brave coppers. Knock down that jogging gal and drag her to jail. Sheesh! You must be the laughing stock of the U.K.! You sure have made yourselves a laughing stock on social media.

This is where we are today. You can kill babies, you can smuggle drugs in over the border, you can target conservatives, you can do invasive pat downs of toddlers and old people in wheel chairs. None of that will get the blink of an eye from law enforcement. But cross the street against the red light? Wow! Just wow! By the way, somebody at Austin PD needs to give these guys gym memberships. Too many doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. I'm surprised they could catch the jogger! This really gives cops a bad name! And as the sister of a retired cop, I'm embarrassed for these guys!

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