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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Establishment Republicans Watch Out!

Bob Goodlatte is my representative. I like Bob. He votes pro-life and he's a decent guy. But he's been in Congress a long time and tends to be an establishment fixture. I think that's a great danger to freedom. Whenever anyone proposes a primary run against him you get the, "But Bob is powerful," speech. That doesn't encourage me; it makes me nervous. As they say, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." So, frankly, I'm glad to see a primary challenger, Paul Bevington, even if he is inexperienced and lacks confidence in public speaking. Hey, that comes with practice. 

The fact that Bob Goodlatte and Eric Cantor face primary challengers is good news indeed. John Boehner has challengers as well. As a matter of fact, seven of twelve Republican senators face Tea Party challengers this year. One of the most interesting races will be in Texas where Sen. John Cornyn faces firebrand Congressman Steve Stockman. Among his bumper stickers in his last election was this flamethrower: "If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted.” Go, Steve! 

Even if the Tea Party candidates lose, primary challenges push Republicans to the right. And that's a lot better than being in the wrong. And one other thing is for sure. Despite prognostications from the "we wish it were true" faction of the Republican Party, the Tea Party is far from dead. Plenty of American patriots are sick of the status quo and establishment Republican wonks. They are political activists and they aren't afraid to be unpopular. When you consider that only about 20% of citizens favored the American Revolution, it gives you hope that maybe, just maybe we can take our country back! By the grace of God and the work of our hands all things are possible!

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