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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Establishment Republicans Did It Again....

They sold out to the Democrats who are taking us pell-mell down the road to financial ruin. When the crash comes, which is inevitable, you can thank these twenty-eight Republicans for going along with the "clean" (read, don't require any pesky little items like cutting spending) bill to raise the debt ceiling. Hey, just print more money. It grows on trees right? These Republicans think so and they also encourage Obama's belief that he can do anything he wants because he's president:

Speaker John Boehner, Ohio; 
Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Virginia
Ken Calvert, California
Dave Camp, Michigan
Howard Coble, North Carolina
Chris Collins, New York
Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania
Mike Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
Michael Grimm, New York
Richard Hanna, New York
Doc Hastings, Washington
Darrell Issa, California
Peter King, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Kevin McCarthy, California
Buck McKeon, California
Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania
Gary Miller, California
Devin Nunes, California
Dave Reichert, Washington
Harold Rogers, Kentucky
Peter Roskam, Illinois
Ed Royce, California
Jon Runyan, New Jersey
John Shimkus, Illinois
Chris Smith, New Jersey
David Valadao, California
Frank Wolf, Virginia

1 comment:

  1. Everything will be alright. We always come to our senses and elect someone to lead us out of the wilderness. Another election is just around the corner. Cheers.