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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Left Has No Class!

Shirley Temple Black died this week and the left is losing no time in attacking her for ______ (fill in the blank):
  • being a bad dancer
  • her bad hairstyle
  • being a Republican

The vitriol, laced with four letter words is so over the top it's hard to believe these people are actually human. Maybe they're escapees from a video game like Grand Theft Auto. It's hard to imagine a little girl who grew up dancing with black stars of the day and serving as ambassador to Ghana being a racist, which is just one of the charges. But, of course, to a leftist being a Republican and being a racist are the same thing. I wonder if the two black unwed moms who lived with us during their pregnancies and our little black foster child thought we were racists?

Now if you really want to see racism, take a look at this. Oh, but I forgot, only whites can be racist.

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