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Friday, February 14, 2014

Police Out of Control!

How many of these kinds of atrocities have to occur? An unarmed mentally ill woman shot and killed in D.C. with her baby in the car, two women delivering newspapers having their van riddled with bullets (over 100 rounds), an innocent man whose truck was rammed by cops and riddled with bullets that narrowly missed him. Oh...but they were all "reasonable mistakes." Right! Looks like a bunch of trigger-happy yahoos. And the abuse is especially common in L.A. But I remember the abuse of rescuers back in the '80s when LAPD broke bones in dealing with non-violent, limp pro-lifers. Some things haven't changed much.

But before you accuse me of being anti-police, I have a brother who's a retired police officer. He never killed anyone and rarely fired his gun and he was working in Baltimore County, not exactly haven of law and order. Thanks, John, for your integrity and ethics. On numerous occasions he had guys he arrested thank him. John will forever be one of my heroes!


  1. It happened here a week ago - high speed chase, 4 cops caught up after the fugitives crashed their stolen car - the fugitives got out - the guy had a knife - he was yards away - the cops opened fire and killed him and the woman he was with when they say she reached for the knife. The pair was riddled with bullets. It was breaking news last Friday yet no details were released - no one even knew what it was about until 2 days later. Full details that I'm relating here were released by Monday.

    There is an investigation but it sure looks as if the police over-reacted. I wonder if this is becoming national policy?

  2. Maybe these are the guys who practiced with the targets of the pregnant woman, the little kid, the old man, etc. Sickening!