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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Poor Mental Health in Gay Men

A study in the Netherlands indicates that no matter how accepting a society is of sexual disorders, you just can't fool Mother Nature. The truth will out. Here's the opening of the article:
Although legal and social equality for gay people is further advanced in the Netherlands than in most other countries, Dutch gay men have much higher rates of psychological distress than heterosexual men, Sanjay Aggarwala and Rene Gerrets write in the February issue of Culture, Health & Sexuality.Their study suggests that some of this can be explained by the continued privileging of ‘normal’ masculinity, both in wider society and on the gay commercial scene.  
Previously, a large, representative study of Dutch adults found that gay men were three times more likely than heterosexual men to report a mood disorder or anxiety disorder, and ten times more likelyto report suicidal thoughts. While similar results have been reported in other western countries, the Dutch findings are especially striking given the country’s good record on equality for gay people.
Is it really the "privileging of 'normal' masculinity" or is it the reality that "normal" masculinity is, in fact...normal?
Let's face it, you can pretend all you want that same sex relations are normal, but believing nonsense doesn't make it true. We are ordered toward the way God made us, male and female, and all the pretending in the world won't make a man a woman or a woman a man. You can cut and paste, like Chastity'Chas Bono, but the truth still resides in the DNA. And pretending to be what you are not is a sure prescription for mental disorder. If somebody insisted he was the reincarnation of Napoleon, we'd say he needed mental treatment. But a woman insisting she's really a man by cutting off her breasts and taking male hormones is sane?

Read the article and the report abstract.  No matter how much effort goes into forcing the culture to accept the normalcy of same sex attraction, the natural law will continue to operate. Those inflicted with this disorder who fail to pick up their cross of suffering within a moral context of living a chaste life will bear a much heavier cross of their own making. They need our compassion and our prayers for conversion. They will never find peace until they rest in the hollow of God's hands.