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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Contraceptives: The Real War on Women!

US athlete says she missed shot at Olympics because of blood clots from contraceptive device

Chemical contraceptives are poison. If you are using them, I beg you to read the insert that comes with the package AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Too bad Olympic hopeful Megan Henry didn't. Why should a healthy woman have to take a strong drug every day to "control" a normal bodily process? Contraceptive chemicals treat a woman like she's defective because of her fertility which is treated like a disease. Many women find out the hard way that contraceptive chemicals injure and even kill. Want to see some women who died from their chemical birth control method? Go here

Rikki Lake is doing a documentary on the pill and its dangers. Good for her. Read the article at LifeSiteNews and consider the million and billion dollar payouts from big pharma to the women damaged by these methods. (Remember the Dalkon Shield?) Hey, they make so much money they can afford to pay off a class action suit occasionally. Birth control chemicals are among the most lucrative drugs on the market. They illustrate the biblical admonition that "love of money is the root of all evils."

It's time to expose the real war on women. 

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