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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who Will Save Justina?

Who's abusing Justina? Look at the photo of this happy 15-year-old a year ago when she was participating in ice skating competitions to the wheelchair bound child of today. DCF accused the parents of abuse? It's pretty obvious who is abusing this child and holding her hostage. If the parents hadn't seen the red lines from her shunt indicating blood poisoning, this kid might be dead already. At this point the court and DCF are digging in their heels. Why? Think about it. Their error is self evident and now they're covering up their incompetence and abuse. Justina is just collateral damage. And if she dies on their watch they will no doubt rush to cremate her so no autopsy can be performed.

Share information on Justina widely before DCF kills her! Please say a novena of rosaries through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and St. Jude that Justina will be rescued from Massachusetts DCF. And visit Personhood USA and their Free Justina Project. It's obvious from this story that government thugs could do this to any family. Join the fight to save Justina. As her dad, Lou, says,  "A child's life is on the line."

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