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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Example of Out-of-Control Cops

22 Year Old with Down Sydrome Beaten by Miami Police 

This actually happened in 2011 in Richmond Heights in Miami Dade County, FL, but it's been all over the net recently, and it's worth examining in view of all the other cases of out-of-control cops in recent months.

The episode is one more outrageous overreach by brutal brown shirts.

My brother is a retired cop and he NEVER behaved in this way. In fact some of the bad guys would ask for Sergeant Schneider because they knew he was fair. What do we have now?
Every federal government agency with a para-military organization fortified by tanks and drones (Tell me why the Bureau of Land Management has a SWAT team and hundreds of armed thugs!), local cops shooting at innocent civilians delivering papers and mentally ill moms with babies, homeless folks, and the handicapped. The culture of death permeates everything these days, including law enforcement. Pray for moral people to go into these fields to protect the community instead of playing macho man against the innocent.

Personally, I can testify to this kind of brutality. As a rescuer at abortion mills, I was picked up and thrown into a crowd. When I went limp and refused to walk, they made sure to make things as painful as possible. I know a dentist who after one rescue where they used carrying techniques that threatened damage to his hands, put casts on his arms for the next rescue. In L.A. and West Hartford rescues, cops took off their badges before beating people up. In L.A. they used nunchucks and other violent means that broke bones and did permanent nerve damage to dozens of rescuers. I met a gal from a Pittsburgh rescue in a cast from a broken arm inflicted by the cops who didn't like folks going limp. Other women were dragged up the stairs at the jail by their bras and had their heads deliberately bumped along the stairs. No outrage from the public, however. Hey, THOSE people deserve whatever they get. But the head of the Civil Rights Commission felt differently.

Another rescue acquaintance told me about a West Hartford rescue where she was brutalized. (See here as well.) She was bleeding but refused treatment at the jail and they were afraid of her medical condition so they released her. If you want to see the devil at work, study the rescue movement. The blood of the innocent is Satan's ambrosia. Look at history: the Roman coliseum, Elizabeth's England, the French Revolution, the Holocaust, millions of murdered pre-born babies, the Rwandan massacre, and on and on.

Yup, we've got a lot of agenda-driven cops out there on power trips and they won't pause a minute before they assume guilt and beat or kill somebody. Now who would you rather have on the police force? -- a committed Christian who believes everyone, even a criminal, is created in the image and likeness of God and must be treated with dignity or a committed secularist who believes the state endows individuals with rights and those rights can be trampled at will? I know my answer.

Thanks to my brother John for being one of the good guys! I could listen to your stories all day!

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