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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pray for Justina

‘Shocking Note’ Apparently Penned by Justina Pelletier to Her Parents

Justina seems to have fewer rights than prisoners. They have religious services. She's been denied access to a priest or to Mass for her entire incarceration. Prisoners have access to educational programs. Justina hasn't seen a teacher or school book in over a year. Why? What did that poor little girl do to deserve torture and experimentation by Boston Children's Hospital and DCF? The first rule of medicine is "Do no harm." Where are the courts in defending this poor little girl. Judge Joseph Johnston is a disgrace to the legal profession and should be removed and disbarred. And Justina should immediately be returned to her family. 

Please pray during the holy Triduum that this little girl will personally experience the Resurrection of Easter by going home with her family. And may God convert the hearts of her jailers.

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