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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fed Snipers Threaten Cattle Rancher

Good morning, Amerika!

The feds are out protecting your rights today by closing 600,000 acres of land used by rancher Clive Bundy and his family since the early 1800s to graze his cattle. The farmer has been paying land use fees to the local Nevada county, but the Bureau of Land Management has stepped in (claiming to protect an "endangered turtle" - which has apparently been able to survive for a few hundred years without them) and wants fees paid to the fed. To enforce their new assault on the state of Nevada and the farmer they have snipers, helicopters, and hundreds of armed agents targeting the unarmed family for daring to graze their cattle on the snatched property.

Remember when cattle rustlin' was a hanging offense? Not if it's the feds of Amerika. Hey, you sell raw milk they'll invade your store and smash all the bottles on your shelves. You dare to be different or politically incorrect, prepare for a home invasion. This is scary! God help the Bundy family. And get the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) thugs out of Nevada!

Wake up, Amerika. Maybe you're sleeping because the feds haven't targeted you....not yet anyway.

Will this end up like Ruby Ridge?

Nevada Officials Blast Feds

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Anonymous said...

It seems to resemble what the Communists did to the farmers of the Ukraine -- that and the taking over of our healthcare system, demoralizing our military by weakening it with "political correctness" and disarming the people.