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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Meditation: Keep the Sabbath Holy

I often reflect on how to keep the Lord's Day? We generally don't shop, but will stop at Sheetz for gas and the paper. The mall is a big no-no, but we occasionally go to a restaurant. We avoid laundry and yard work except sometimes a little fun gardening which seems like a hobby to me and not work

In the old days of "Blue Laws" it was easy to keep the Lord's Day holy because everything was closed. If you didn't pick it up on Saturday, you did without until Monday.

But what exactly does it mean to avoid servile work in our modern day?

Go here to see what we did today on Sunday. What do you think? Is that servile work? And what activities do you avoid on Sunday? What activities do you try to foster?

How do you keep Sunday holy? What do you ordinarily do on your "day of rest."

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