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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rejoice and Be Glad, For Your Brother Who Was Dead Has Risen!

I spent eight years counseling at AAA Women for Choice in Manassas which is located directly next door to an abortion mill previously run by Harman Vanderwoude (deceased -- please pray for him). Harman was a hard-core atheist and reveled in killing babies.

Well, I just got an email that lifted my heart and I'm sure the hearts of Pat Lohman (director of AAA) and all her counselors. Read it and rejoice:
The letter below is from 40 Days for Life. Fr. VanderWoude also announced this from the pulpit today. This is the abortionist that I sent around an email about a few weeks ago.
We received some wonderful news today from our ardent prayer warrior Ken Groves. I could not think of a better example of the endless mercy and the treasure of inexhaustible compassion that God bestows on us. Especially since the Catholic Church is celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday this weekend. 
I will let Ken tell you himself:
"Dear Pro-Lifers,
Christ is risen. Christ is truly risen. Alleluia!!
Today is a beautiful and historic day in Manassas.
Not only have there been no abortions for the last 3 Saturdays, but.......
Today, one of Amethyst's abortionists, Dr. Akoda, took a very bold step and met with a priest and has declared himself out of the abortion business!!!
I know the heavens are rejoicing..just in time for Divine Mercy Sunday.
Thanks to everyone for their constant and powerful prayers!!!
Please thank God for this amazing conversion and continue to pray for Dr. Akoda's spiritual protection, as he walks a new path in his life.
The seeds of abortion's demise are clearly sprouting and growing. Pray! Pray outside the abortion mills, pray in your churches and your homes, talk to your neighbors about the wonder of life and children, and never, ever give up. God wins!


Gette said...


Yes this is great news indeed!

FYI: the way your first paragraph reads, I had to do a double-take because it sounded as if you were saying that Mr VanderWoude previously ran the abortion mill, instead of AAA. He was a saintly man, as you know, and just want to make that crystal clear; may he rest in peace. Amen


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Different Vanderwoude. The abortionist WAS NAMED Vanderwoude with no space. No relation to the Vander Woude family of Fr. Tom and his heroic dad, also Tom, who gave his life to save his son (one of seven) Joseph. Read the story here:

Yes, indeed, Harman Vanderwoude was a long-time abortionist, an atheist, killer of babies, butcher of women. At AAA we often prayed for his conversion and that of his wife Elizabeth who, I believe, is still connected to the mill. There was no evidence that those prayers were answered in a positive way; only God knows.

Gette said...

Ohhhhh OK, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

God bless!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's easy to see why you'd be confused particularly since Fr. Vander Woude is assigned so close by.