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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jim Moran Is In the News Again...

...whining that congressmen aren't paid enough. (Hear the fiddles?) Michelle Malkin gives us a flashback of this "corruptocrat's" political history here.

I know Jim well. He was my congressman when I lived in Alexandria and I picketed his events often, mostly over his pro-abortion positions. Once at the Torpedo Factory (now a pricey shoppers' venue) he went around to a back door to avoid us. Well, heck, why not? All those dangerous ladies in skirts out front with signs?  He loves women, can't have press photos with young women (I was one once.) opposing him. That was during the Clinton administration and a picketing friend and I were talking about his plan to resign his commission in the Navy (He was a Captain.) over Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
 I've had more than one verbal confrontation with Moran, but the one that was most personally painful to me occurred at my sons' Catholic high school, Bishop Ireton. Sad to say the school was less than Catholic. They invited Moran (mayor of Alexandria at the time) to accept a check for a local homeless shelter. Only one problem -- it was a private shelter and Moran and the city had nothing to do with it. The lady who ran it also attended the event to receive the check passed from the principal, Fr. Metzger, to Jim Moran to her. Cute!

Prior to the event, I went in to complain to the principal, Fr. Metger, and urge the school to dis-invite the faux Catholic mayor. I knew it was all about publicity for the school. Moran brings out the press. Nope, no dice! Moran would be there. So I told him the pro-life community would have to do something. "Do what you have to do," he replied. I got a few folks to give out letters to parents before the event which included Mass. Some parents thanked us; others wadded up the letters and threw them at us. Liberals are always so courteous.

The Mass was in the gym and we sat on the bleachers since most of the chairs on the gym floor were filled. About ten minutes into Mass, Moran arrived (fashionable entrance, eh?). And he and the Director of Development sat in front of us on the bleachers. When Communion time came, we got up and walked through the aisle of chairs in front of us to reach the center aisle and go to Communion. I thought of getting into a different line, but decided to go right behind Moran. He received Communion directly in front of me from Fr. Metzger who would not look me in the eye when he said, "The Body of Christ." I wept on the way back to our seats to think of the sacrilege I had just witnessed.

Yes, Moran has a sad history that intersects with other sad histories. What happened at Bishop Ireton back in the '80s was a premonition of what's happening at Charlotte Catholic High School 30+ years later. Ireton was shilling for homosexuality a few years after the Moran event showing the gay propaganda film Philadelphia with Tom Hanks, an R-rated film, without informing or getting permission from the parents. I rented it and was absolutely appalled that the kids were being fed the Battleship Potempkin of homosexual propaganda. So I grieve with the orthodox parents of Charlotte, but it's no surprise at all.

Home schooling looks better and better all the time!

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