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Friday, April 25, 2014

New Year's Resolution Check-Up and Poinsettas in February

So, how are you doing on your new year's resolution?  Do you remember what it was? Or did you make one at all?

For year's I made and abandoned mine by mid January, but then I decided to pick things that are very specific and doable. Resolving to "lose weight" is a loser. Resolving to eat no more than one sweet a day is a more likely winner.

A few years ago
I decided I had too many clothes and so I resolved not to buy a single new item of clothing (except underwear and socks) during the year. It wasn't too hard as long as I stayed away from the mall and off the online storefronts. I came to the end of the year, still with too many clothes, but no new ones added.

In transition to glory!
This year, I decided to keep a thank-you journal. Good thing because the year to date has been filled with challenges that could easily be sinking me into the pity party "slough of despond." With rotator cuff surgery in January, 2 1/2 months sleeping on a recliner in the family room (that I couldn't get out of without help for five weeks), onset of an auto-immune disease with some very unpleasant symptoms.....well, suffice it to say, that focusing on the positive has been a life (and mental health) saver. I've only missed a few days writing my list of thank-yous which includes precious moments with family, lovely get-well messages, and a host of other gifts from God. Even my surgery and illness have been sources of blessing.

Here's just one little example. Two years ago, I retrieved two poinsettias from the give-away table after Christmas decorations were taken down at church. Very leafy and green, they never turned red again. But this year about mid February the silly things decided to give me a glorious display which continues. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out why they did that - who ever heard of Easter poinsettias? And then I realized what must have happened. They were in the family room with me. I was going to bed most nights before nine o'clock. Larry put up window shades to make the room nice and dark at night and pulled the plugs on the window "candles." The increased dark must have triggered the "turn red" reflex. They are still bright and beautiful and blooming on my sun porch. Thank you, Lord.

I posted earlier about my Christmas tree "monstrance" created by the juxtaposition of two ornaments, an angel and a snowflake.. How I delighted to sit in my chair and pray looking at the little reminder of God's love for me...for me personally.

How sad to think there are people who do not know God. I think I will add to my resolution for the rest of the year a Hail Mary for them to have their eyes opened. Blindness to Love Incarnate should make us all cry out with Blessed Francisco of Fatima, "Love is not loved!"

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