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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Again! This Is Too Close for Comfort!

20 Injured in Stabbings at Pittsburgh Area High School

Since we have a granddaughter at Pittsburgh area high school, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this headline. Thank God it wasn't her school, but that's no relief for all the kids and parents whose children do attend that school. Will we now hear demands for "knife control?"

Let's face it, the problem is interior. We live in a country where God is publicly ridiculed and excluded from our schools and other institutions. We elevate the worship of false Gods in the military and everywhere else, for that matter. Christians are accused of being domestic terrorists while Islam that calls for murder of infidels is described as a "religion of peace." 

It's enough to make anybody insane!  So is it really surprising to see muggings, bombings, shootings, knifings, flash mob robberies, police brutality, etc., etc. on a daily basis? After all, when God is ousted, every man becomes his own god. And gods have a right to do what they want, capisce?

Isn't it time to declare a national day of prayer and atonement? We'll never get it from this godless administration, but that can't keep us from making it personally. Let Good Friday be our personal day of prayer and atonement for our poor country. My growing up years were certainly not problem free (A pervert exposed himself to me when I was eleven or twelve.), but compared to today I was living in the era of innocence and peace.

Home schooling just looks better and better!

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Dymphna said...

One of my co-workers said "Thank goodness it wasn't a gun." I asked if it really matters whether someone brutally attacks your child with a gun or a knife. If they are killed they are just as dead either way. My co-worker gave me the stink eye.