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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ring of Fire Acting Up -- A Warning?

Chile had a major 8.2 quake last night. Check it out here. A 5.1 quake hit L.A. last week. The entire "ring of fire" is very active at present. 
And what's going on at Yellowstone? A 4.8 quake on March 30, the largest since 1980. 

Well, my theory is that every time we sin we open up a fisher and pump extra heat down into the lower and hottest regions of hell and all that heat is building and getting ready to explode. So if you want to avoid a super-explosion and the accompanying tsunamis and other excitement, repent, go to Confession, pray for God's mercy, and be faithful to the duties of your state in life. It's good for your soul and good for the environment!

By the way, the National Park Service says it's safe to visit Yellowstone. There's no danger of an imminent eruption. And if they're wrong, what a spectacular way to go, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Mary Anne. I live in the Bay Area of California with three earthquake faults right surrounding me. Believe me I have St. Benedict medals buried at the four corners of my property for his intercession, and I, with the grace of God, behave myself on the serious things, and go to confession at least once a month for the not so serious. The faults can go any time, and I want to be prepared.