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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lying New York Times Creates Clive Bundy "Racist"

See below the full clip of Clive Bundy's press conference where he was talking about wanting to get more blacks and Hispanics to attend the party out at the ranch. Listen to his discussion of the strength of Mexican families. Does he sound like a racist?

Now watch the edited version released to get full effect for labeling this man an ignorant racist.

Even before the New York Times distorted (SURPRISED?) his comments and took them out of the full context of the discussion about valuing people, Bundy was meeting with local minorities to encourage their attendance at the ranch party. His secretary also weighed in on the issue.

Why would all the so-called conservative politicians and commentators grab the knives handed to them by the New York Times? The Times is an enemy of truth, hates conservatives, and will happily distort anything that conflicts with their liberal agenda! So why did conservatives including politicians like Rand Paul immediately jump on the massacre-Bundy bandwagon?

Because all they care about are their own butts. Omigosh, we might be labeled with the "racist" brush. Omigosh, it might damage me in the next election. (quiver, quiver, shake, bite nails, turn pail, swoon...)

Clive Bundy is a decent man, a family man, a hard worker, a patriot. He is a "great American" for real, not like the blowhards at FOX like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

If you look at the two videos on YouTube, over 400,000 have seen the edited version; only 127,000 have seen the full version. Let's change that. Please pass this around. Clive Bundy is from a generation that doesn't play the political correctness game. He's an honest man who probably expects others to be honest as well. He's new to the media circus and hasn't recognized the wolves yet and the politicians and media blowhards with the long knives. Cut the man some slack and recognize the real racists who refuse to give blacks school choice to educate their children, but will happily murder them in the womb.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I do not think Clive Bundy is any more racist than anyone else. Usually the ones doing the most finger pointing are the most racist of all. I live in a California, was born here, and have heard racist statements from every race imaginable. One Asian American teacher said to me, a Caucasian, "We support too many groups in this country." I did not say a thing because two things crossed my mind. #1, If I said that I would be called a racist and #2, who do we get rid of without them screaming discrimination." I understood what she meant, though, she was frustrated, for one thing, with all the students who did not even understand her in the classroom, and it wasn't just Spanish speaking students. Californian schools have to deal with a multitude of languages. A good portion of the parents cannot even read the materials sent home to them. Some of them have not a clue as to what is being taught to their children.