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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Charlotte Catholic High School: How Many of the Families are Really Catholic?

The situation at Charlotte Catholic High School with the politically incorrect Dominican nun is still in the news. I have no idea whether Sister said anything imprudent. Which of us doesn't occasionally? But regardless, Fr. Kauth, the chaplain, made it clear that she said nothing contrary to Catholic teaching. She apparently quoted unpopular statistics from reputable sources that point out the serious ramifications of a number of family issues. And with children whose faith is often dry and parched, the spark exploded into the wildfire that has engulfed Sister and others who offend the zeitgeist.

Fr. Z has a great post on this that I hope you'll read. Here's the beginning:

You probably saw my post Sister explains the situation. Spittle-flecked nutty, bullying, intimidation ensue
Sr. Jane Laurel, OP, gave a talk at a Catholic High School. Hell broke loose.If you want to sample her talks, go HERE. Her talk at the High School was “Masculinity & Femininity: 
Difference & Gift”. Presentations with that title are on that website. Listen to a few. At the High School, Sister included comments about homosexuality, divorce and single parents. Some people lost their minds. Read more here.
I suspect that what happened, to build this up into such a thing, is that parents heard vague reports – I say vague because teens are such great sources of accuracy in reporting – about her remarks from their politically-correctly conditioned children and, stung in conscience, got out the pitchforks and torches. [Read more...]
Don't you love it. You can be a heretic who doesn't believe in the Resurrection and assaults the Blessed Mother like Anthony Tambasco and be welcomed in my diocese. You can be a pro-abort politician and laugh and guffaw in photo ops with "princes" of the Church or receive Communion sacrilegiously..... Well, enough of my rant. Sister got the Saul Alinsky treatment, as Father points out. Her suffering will no doubt make her holier and, in the long run, be a source of sanctification for others. In the meantime, it's just plain disheartening and frustrating. God bless you, Sister. Many people are praying for you!

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Mary's Child Mariann said...

This is sad...I was blessed to hear her speak a while ago with my daughter who said Domanicans only bestow/allow their order to hold the name Dominic on the most learned who have earned it. From the website with the complete, free course for anyone, here is a quote:
"But, the single most important question you will ask is this: To whom will I entrust myself? How will I know if another person is worthy of my love? Worthy of my trust? How will I know if I am worthy of another's trust and love?" (St. John Paul II) What I hope for us to do in this course is to study John Paul II's understanding of love as self-gift, loving through our bodies and doing it in the context of living for our families, our society and our culture. I hope that you will join us in studying this Rich Gift of Love, because genuine love is the greatest of human adventures. (Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, O.P.)

A blessed Passiontide to all!