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Friday, April 25, 2014

What's Coming Next for the Bundys? Waco 2?

Feds To Hit Bundy Ranch Again With Multi-Agency Force Including Army Rangers; Covert Video Of Staging Area

Scary stuff. Please pray for this patriotic American family. They don't deserve any of this. If the feds wanted money all they had to do was put a lien on their property. The armed assault was out of the Twilight Zone and when they come next the feds will probably kill people like they did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Is there any reason to doubt it?

We are living in a dystopian society run by tyrants who think there are no limits on their power. Is it just a coincidence that dystopian films like The Hunger Games and Divergence are appearing on our screens? It's real; it's now. Most people are wage slaves like the districts in The Hunger Games. The rich, especially those in the ruling classes are getting richer and the middle class is shrinking. The value of our homes is disappearing, the taxes on them continue to increase. You think you own your home? Try not paying the taxes.

How many politicians take office with moderate incomes and become millionaires? It ain't an accident. Remember Terry McAuliffe bragging about what a great schmoozer he is and how many goodies he'd have to give out when he's governor? You think he gives out those goodies for free? The man is a crook.

Yup, corruption is rampant and power brokers don't give up their power easily. Clive Bundy is in the way of some big deals and Harry Reid and his cronies won't rest until he's gone like all the other ranchers in Clark County. Let's pray for the Bundy's. Lord Jesus, protect them and their beautiful family. Give us leaders who love the principles on which this country was founded. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, pray for us.

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