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Monday, May 26, 2014

Elliot Rodger and World of Warcraft


Turn off the video games and live in the real world. I remember Fr. John Hardon, S.J. saying that millions of people live in a dream world and telling his listeners "If you listen to one thing I say today, live in the real world." 

Play with your kids and grandkids. Tell them stories. Take them on walks and link their make-believe to the real world. Fill their heads with heroes who exhibit courage and honor instead of letting game-makers fill their heads with violence and hatred. How many are living in a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy land feeling sorry for themselves and imagining how they will get even over all the real and imagined injuries?

Today on Memorial Day remember those who gave their lives to save others. 

May God pour out His grace on our poor, troubled world. And may He have mercy on Elliot Rodger and his victims. Intercede for them, Mary.


  1. Go fuck yourself, please.

  2. WoW is not a game of "violence and hatred" and it isn't "X-rated".

    The article you cite is from a very unreliable and biased source.

    Rodger was a narcissistic man with a god complex. He sought to murder those who he thought wronged him.

  3. I don't normally post comments that include profanities, but I thought Anonymous 2:18 illustrated the point of the article. Attack and name call those with whom you disagree. Anonymous 5:13 at least engaged the argument although without presenting any data to back it up. I haven't played WOW, I just think these virtual reality games encourage people to live in a dream world. I'd rather engage my imagination with great literature than bubble game for the brain.

  4. Look at the number of mass shooters who have been players of "World of Warcraft":
    (and these are the only ones we know about)

    7-22-11 Oslo/Utoya Island slaughter, Norway 69 dead
    Brevik has questioned said that he spent much time in the game [b]World of Warcraft[/b]... 32-year-old has previously explained his movements on Utøya as if he were in a violent computer game. Seven years ago he took a year off to concentrate on the game at full time.

    12-8-11 Virginia Tech Shooting, Blacksburg, VA Ross Truett Ashley, 22 2 dead
    He(ex-roommate) said Ashley enjoyed NFL games and the popular fantasy game “[b]World of Warcraft[/b].”

    7-20-12 Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO 12 dead
    A former classmate from the University of Colorado suggested another cause for the killings, describing Holmes as someone who had lost touch with reality after becoming 'obsessed' with video games.
    'I can’t remember which one but it was something like [b]World of Warcraft[/b], one of those where you compete against people on the internet. 'He did not have much of a life apart from that and doing his work. James seemed like he wanted to be in the game and be one of the characters.

    12-14-12 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Adam Lanza, 20 27 dead
    State’s Attorney’s Report, pg32 of 48
    "[b]World of Warcraft[/b]" played on Lanza's computer

    3-19-13 University of Central Florida, James Oliver Seevakumaran 1 dead
    pg 7 of 7 by Samuel Consgrove, Jr.
    "He played video games in his room without leaving on weekdays, including "[b]World of Warcraft[/b]" and other online games, during this period."


    I have been playing Warcraft for seven years. I know people who have played since Beta and do not demonstrate such tendencies. I know people who have played it since they were 13-14 years old and are well adjusted socially graceful people. Warcraft has over 7 million subscribers, not surprising that people who do bad things play it, there are many more people who do good things that play it too. Do not blame the game. Just because you do not want to play it does not mean you should be hypocritical of others who do. I am sure there are things you find interesting that others do not like.

  6. This is just as inane as the Dungeons & Dragons scares of 30 years ago.