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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Come No Second Miracle Was Needed for Pope John XXIII? Just Askin'...

Beatification of Pius XII blocked by absence of approved miracle

A proposed miracle for Pope Pius XII was rejected as possibly due to chemotherapy, but certainly there was a conversion as the husband describes. Fr. John Hardon, S.J. always said the most important miracles weren't physical, but spiritual.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will provide the miracle necessary for the beatification of this heroic pope. It does seem ironic that recent popes who ruled during the collapse of the faith and so many egregious scandals and even raised up so many bad bishops have been rushed to canonization while a pope who saved thousands from the Nazi holocaust continues to be slandered.  

Pope Pius XII, intercede for our poor Church. Mary, Mother of the Church, please intercede with your Son to give us this heroic model of virtue who fought the culture of death of his own day as an example for ours.

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Christopher Lee said...

I totally agree with you on Pope Pius XII. He should be made a saint. Please pray for that in your daily prayers. I do not get it how pure lies have become truth on him

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