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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homosexual Bullies and How Come...???

How come....homosexual bullies get away with pressuring businesses to fire people because they defend traditional marriage or donate to conservative causes? I've never tried to get a homosexual fired for supporting their causes!

How come....homosexual bullies get away with calling those who disagree with their lifestyle homophobes, hate-mongers, wing-nuts, bigots, fascists, etc. ad nauseum? I don't call homosexuals names!

How come....homosexual bullies get away with attacking Christians for our religious beliefs and never get called bigots?

How come....homosexual bullies get away with ignoring facts and pretending homosexual behavior is healthy and normal when it gives people AIDS, syphilis, gay bowel syndrome, shigellosis, and other deadly pathogens? And how come stating those medical facts gets you labeled a homophobe, hate-monger, wing-nut, bigot, fascist, etc.?

How come...donating to a traditional marriage group is hate, but homosexual bullies giving to a homosexual agitprop group is great?

How come...homosexual bullies deny free speech to anyone who disagrees with them but expect everyone to bow down to their politically correct speech?

How come...homosexual bullies can talk about gay pride, but it's hate speech to talk about straight pride?

How come...homosexual bullies keep talking about how persecuted they are when it's those who oppose them who are losing their jobs, being sent to sensitivity training camps, being fined and sued, being denied free speech, etc.

It's time to rein in the homosexual bullies! Stand up to the "homosexuality is normal bullies!"


  1. Practicing homosexuals are killing themselves in droves with their disease ridden habits and putting themselves at higher risk of anal and colon cancer, but it seems as if they have a death wish and want to take as many people with them as they can. Pray the do not and that they at least wake up before it is too, too late.

    As Helaire Belloc once said, "Evil is its own good."

  2. With all due respect and I know you wont publish this, but I agree with you on several points, its just that you and your "side," shoots themselves in the foot in the way you present it. Yes, that it exists,and its not right, but think this maybe the historically "bullied," are turning around and giving others a taste of their own medicine. While I agree with some of your thoughts I would have you think about what it would be like if for years you could loose your job, your home, get beaten, arrested, etc for just being gay. Turns people mean so the extent of the current gay bullying is mini-scule compared to to that.

    I would also agree with you and the over PC stifling of opinion. I would however remind you that it is not just confined to "gays," The thing is...we should let everyone talk, not just because we are Americans but because it lets them show their own ignorance as you did with your side track off the issue with your gay disease sentance...(those diseases aren't confined to gay people and are a product of promiscuous behavior, gay or straight..) I also think that allowing people to talk exposes their true agenda and thought processes such as the poster who comments about people dying that the Belloc quote..i.e "Evil is its own good," Nice and I think that speaks for iteslf. The more and more this kind of talk is aired the more and more you turn others against your agenda, especially with younger people. Who are the voters and the Catholics of tomorrow.

  3. I appreciate your comments, Mack. Why would you expect me not to publish it? I disagree with you on a number of points. Yes, some of those diseases affect others engaged in promiscuous behavior but the Center for Disease Control (I presume you consider them a good source) reports that new cases of AIDS and syphilis are primarily appearing in MSMs (men who have sex with men). So you are simply in error. The homosexual lifestyle makes people sick which makes sense. The excretory system was never meant to be used as a route for sex.

    And do you really think past bullying of gays justifies the absolute assault on anyone who disagrees with their agenda? I know lots of folks bullied as kids for many reasons -- buck teeth, pimples, having a visible port wine stain, being Catholic or an unpopular ethnic group, etc. Far from being persecuted today, homosexuals are a privileged group. I wonder if Michael Sam would have been selected for the pros if he hadn't "come out" publicly. His teammates already knew he was homosexual and had accepted him. But, wow!, he raised his profile by his "courageous" act.

    As for Hillaire Belloc, as a Catholic I interpret his saying that the consequences of evil acts often bring the wake-up call that causes conversion. Certainly, AIDS, which is a horrible evil, turns some to God in the end. A friend of mine who volunteered at Mother Teresa's AIDS hospice in DC for many years described some of the conversions he saw there.

    My only "agenda" is the salvation of souls. Those practicing sexual immorality (regardless of attraction) will not enter heaven unless they repent. Jesus says "IF you love me, you will keep my commands." Only those who love God will be saved. As for younger people, I think they're smarter than you give them credit for.

  4. Thanks for publishing and engaging!We both agree that the over PC and stifling of discussions is bad. You can learn a lot from listening.

  5. Mary Ann, I am the woman who wrote the first post on here. You are right in your post today at 12:02 pm. I saw a video of children in an elementary school a few years ago discussing that so and so had "two moms" and that they were married. One little boy quietly spoke the truth. He said, "Two women cannot not get married and have a baby. There has to be a mom and a dad to have a baby." Two very aggressive little girls nearly attacked him for stating the truth and argued with him. If they were not trying to bully him, I will eat my hat. I refuse to be bullied. The truth is the truth is the truth, Homosexuality has always been around, and I never bullied anyone in high school, but most people back then had enough sense to keep quiet about their private lives and not expect the approval of everyone for sinful behavior. Yes, heterosexuals who are promiscuous get plenty of STDs, but they are most of the ones who approve homosexual "marriages". That is because their own houses are not clean because of their own bad behavior. Just a few very young people approve such things out of misguided compassion. Most approve because their own lives are not chaste, and they fool no one but themselves.

  6. The pornographic industry has hypersexualizd men leading some to seek more and more routes of what they called "forbidden pleasures" i.e.paedophilia ,ebophilia , anal sex , masochism etc.

    It is high time for the Church to speak out loudly and clearly against what some wrongly label freedom of speech.

    Research details pornography's harmful effects to women, society

    VIENNA, Va. (CNS) -- Continued research into pornography show its ill effects on women and all of society, according to speakers May 16 at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation 2014 Summit in Vienna, a Washington suburb. Based on her research, Gail Dines has concluded, "We have basically let the media and the pornographers become the sex educators" and that "the Internet has made boys porn-ready for dating." Dines is a sociology professor at Wheelock College in Boston and the founding president of Stop Porn Culture. Dines, who considers herself a feminist, lashed out at how culture has turned gender roles on their head. "Who gets to be clothed and who gets to bare flesh (in posed photography) is an issue of power," she said. "We take the onus off the perpetrator" -- the media -- "and put it on the woman." In this scenario, "rape is not a form of deviance," she declared. Instead, "rape is an over-conformity to the gender system as currently constructed." Dines said, "Black girls are being punished at a high rate, as are black boys ... with all the time they spend in jail" because the media has made boys "hypersexualized." Recent studies suggest that children may be getting their first exposure to pornography at age 11 on average. "The younger you get them, the longer you've got them," Dines said of the pornography purveyors. "It's like handing out cigarettes outside the middle school."

  7. I'll be anonymous as well since I wouln't trust my identity with you people. First, if anyone has allowed the Internet and pornographers to become the sex educators of today, that would be your (the Catholic Church's and other right winger's) fault. Personally, as a fully well adjusted Gay man, I am quite open and approving of honest and open dialogue when it comes to early sexuality education. And by that I mean none of that biblical mumbo jumbo malarky, but truthful science-based education. Just like the uneducated little boy who doesn't understand that two women in a relationship can most certainly have a legal marriage and produce a child by any number of methods including, artificial insemination using donor sperm, en vitro fertilization, just a plain old turkey baster, or even boffing a Gay male friend. What he really needs to be taught is that it is possible for two women to raise a child and that it is none of his business how the child was conceived. He should be taught that those are grown-up issues that he will learn about when he is older! Your views on the intricacies of male adult sex are quite antiquated, and are also none of your business, and quite frankly, should not be on your agenda to judge, unless you hold some obvious connection to Jesus Christ of which I am unaware. Jesus taught me to love my neighbor and my enemies as I would myself, and to treat others as I would expect to be treated. I find the fact that some people who profess to be Christian have the nerve to judge me or people like me totally abhorrent and against every thing I was ever taught about Christianity. I would really like to see if you publish this comment!

  8. "Truthful, science based education?" Two women can conceive a a child? Get real. Of course two women or two men can raise a child, but if they are pretending to be married they are saying two men or two women can be mom and dad. That is anything but scientific. You have an agenda and scientific truth has nothing to do with it. As for not trusting your identity with "you people" that just shows your bigotry.