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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sensitive Post on Same Sex Attraction and Friendship

Sometimes friends are siblings or cousins!
From a Catholic man who took a risk

I think a lot about this issue. Several friends are same-sex attracted and, while I don't believe they were "born that way," how people get mixed up sexually is somewhat of a mystery. And with all the environmental poisoning of the water with artificial hormones, well, I think it's likely that sexual identities will become increasingly confused. Hey, if male fish are producing eggs, what the heck is happening to people?

We're all broken in one way or another. We all have sinful inclinations, but each of us is called to control those inclinations using intellect and will and praying for God's grace. Who can live a holy life alone? No one! We all need help -- God's help certainly. But God generally uses our hands and our hearts to reach out in His name. Holy friendship is a vocation for all.

Who needs you today? Can you think of someone who needs a phone call or a note in the mail? Certainly we all need prayer. Ask the Lord who needs the gift of your friendship right now. You'll be blessed by sharing it.

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