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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Counsel Homes: Helping End Abortion One Mom and Baby at a Time

New York City is one of the abortion capitols of the U.S. Black babies there are targeted for annihilation. Every year abortionists murder more black babies than are born. Seventy-three percent of the abortions in NYC are committed against black and Hispanic mothers and babies. And yet it's pro-lifers who are called racists who only care about babies before they're born. Watch the video below about Good Counsel Homes and see the truth. Who cares about homeless, drug-addicted moms? Surely not Planned Parenthood, an organization run by white elitists like Cecile Richards who talks about the poor while she and her cronies cart home their mega-salaries subsidized by American taxpayers making a fraction of what they do for killing babies. Here's what the face of concern for moms really looks like. Pray for Good Counsel Homes and if you can donate to help them continue visit their website here.

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