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Monday, May 12, 2014

Is This a Sign of the "Springtime of Evangelization?"

Camden Diocese Consolidating More Parishes

Hope is a Christian virtue and an important one. No matter the circumstances, no matter how the storm rages around us, we hope in the Lord. But sometimes it's hard. As we read the statistics on young people leaving the Catholic Church and see diocese after diocese closing and consolidating formerly vibrant looks more like coming winter than springtime. Pray for the Church.

Well, if Jesus' houses are being boarded up, not so with the bishop's living space.

N.J. Bishop's Mansion Draws Criticism

Just a bit from the article:
From 2008 to 2010, the diocese shrunk its number of parishes by more than 40%, going from 124 to about 70. The diocese, made up of New Jersey's six most southern counties, has about a half million Catholics but fewer than a quarter go to Mass regularly.

"Amazing that the Catholic Church has money for this extravagant home despite the apparent financial crisis that has led to the closing of many Catholic schools (including St. Patrick's in Woodbury) and several churches," he said....
"The diocese purchased the property because the bishop needs a residence and space to hold meetings with potential donors and benefactors," diocesan spokesman Peter Feuerherd said. "It will well pay for itself and more. We realize others may have a different opinion, but that was the rationale behind the purchase."
Somehow, there is always a reasonable rationale behind the lavish living of the bishop. Does Bishop Sullivan make you think of the holy bishop in Les Miserables? Can you see Bishop Sullivan giving his silver candlesticks to Jean Valjean?

Pray for Holy Mother Church. So many of our clerics today seem more interested in building their own wonderland on earth than building the city of God. Pray for them. If you have a holy bishop, thank God and pray for him. If you have a worldly bishop, beg God's mercy on him. A little fasting wouldn't hurt for all bishops. They will be called, as we all are, to an accounting on Judgment Day.