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Friday, May 2, 2014

Looking for Something for Your Bookclub?

I'm reading an interesting book that I happened to pick up in our lawyer's office when were refinancing a property we own. He's a committed Christian and we always enjoy our conversations, but what interested me in this book was one of the promotional blurbs in the front. It was by Peter Kreeft who teaches philosophy at Boston College and is a favorite writer of mine for his "Socrates" series. Here's an interview where he talks about it. 

The book getting thumbs up from Kreeft is Lee Strobel's, The Case for Christ. Strobel is an investigative journalist who traveled a personal spiritual journey from atheism to faith. He approaches the "case for Christ" like a detective/lawyer examining the evidence. Each chapter begins with a real-life criminal case examining evidence. Among the subjects examined are the eyewitness evidence, the documentary evidence, the physical evidence, etc. He even looks at evidence that rebuts the case. He interviews experts in each area who present their proofs for the case. And it's interesting to see that there is more eyewitness and documentary evidence for the existence of Christ than for historical figures like Alexander the Great, Herod, and even Pontius Pilate.

I'm halfway through and am so impressed I just ordered two dozen copies of the book to share with others. It's that good.

What makes it especially useful for book clubs is that every chapter ends with discussion questions and suggestions for further reading. I really recommend The Case for Christ. I plan to give one to my pastor and our deacon. And who knows, if someone expresses curiosity about Christianity, it's a great resource to have on hand.

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