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Friday, May 9, 2014

Abortion Emily is One Sick Puppy! "In Awe" that She Can "Make a Baby" and Kill a Baby!

Note her repeating over and over, "I'm a lucky girl." Poor baby -- not so lucky. If you've read about Emily you know she says she wasn't using birth control in spite of the fact that she works at a women's reproductive center. So did she get pregnant on purpose? Another question: Is the whole thing a stunt? It wouldn't be the first time somebody lied to get her 15 minutes in the limelight.

 I worked at a crisis pregnancy center next door to an abortion mill. We could hear the suction machine on the other side of the wall as well as the cries of some of the girls. This entire video comes across to me as phony-baloney. Do you ever hear the suction? But hey, it's her "story." Whether it's true or not is another matter.

Matt Walsh has a powerful post, This is My Positive Abortion Story, and he accurately describes Emily's video as a "snuff film." If you don't know that term, it refers to films where people are actually tortured and  murdered on the screen. While snuff films may be a matter of urban legends (or not), if Emily really had an abortion, her snuff film is for real. Walsh calls her a psychopath and it's hard to argue when with one breath Emily gushes about being in awe over making a baby and then talks about how wonderful a time she had killing her baby. Talk about cognitive dissonance! But Emily claims there is no conflict, which pretty much indicates she's a psychopath. Would you hire this gal to babysit for your children? How about your newborn?

Pray for Emily. She needs it!

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