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Friday, May 2, 2014

Watergate vs. Benghazi

House Speaker John Boehner says special committee needed to investigate Benghazi
Remember Watergate? Nobody was killed, but several folks went to jail. And Nixon's cover-up brought him down.

But with Benghazi it's a whole different story. An ambassador and three others killed while Obama et al played politics. The administration failed to take any action to help our people on the ground. They "created an environment of politics" and created a story to shore up the administration's irresponsible policies. They created out of whole cloth a ridiculous scenario about a video causing "protests" instead of what really happened, a planned terrorist attack.

And then the cover-up. Nobody's had to answer for the unnecessary deaths of our people. Nobody's had to answer for telling the military not to back up the courageous men who went to the embassy. Obama went to bed to prepare for his oh-so-important fundraiser in Vegas the next day while our men were in a life and death firefight expecting assistance. And Hillary Clinton, her reaction? "What does it matter now?" That wasn't the attitude the Democrats took over Watergate.

Isn't it time to treat Benghazi with the same zeal? Or is that kind of action OFR, only for Republicans. Where is the media in all this? Seems like their bias is showing by not addressing this with the same bulldog tenacity they use against Republican scandals.

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