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Friday, May 16, 2014

Imagine...They're Demanding Gay Leaders in the Boy Scouts...Surprise!

Boy Scouts Pressured to Allow Gay Leaders (Note that this leader just joined the Boy Scouts and then went public. It is all about the next step in the gay agenda of forcing every institution in America to normalize and bless perverted behavior!)

Let's face it...we all knew that allowing openly gay scouts was the prelude to having openly gay scout leaders. Now take a look at what the Scouts can look forward to in the future. All you have to do is look back at the abuses in the past. This is from an article at Cal Catholic by Anne Hendershott:
the overwhelming number of the nearly 5,000 documented cases of sexual abuse within the BSA from 1947-2005 involved same-sex behavior with teenage boys. The Los Angeles Times has published a database containing information on nearly 5,000 men and a handful of women who were expelled from the Boy Scouts of America because of allegations of sexual abuse. The data were derived from confidential Scouting files—something the Scouts called the “perversion files”—submitted as evidence in a major court case involving abuse by a gay male Scout leader in 2010. 
These documents provide valuable information into the tactics that male Scout leaders used to ensnare the teenage boys in the troops, as well as revealing ways in which Scouting executives attempted to cover up abuse by simply removing leaders after credible allegations. The records of banned Scout leaders document horrific acts by serial abusers that in some cases went on for years. For example, Clyde Brock, an Oregon City troop leader, took nude photographs of male troop members and showed the photos to other Scouts who visited his home; the BSA did not remove him until two Scouts came forward to say he had forced them to engage in sexual relations with them. 
Using a color-coded map of the United States, replete with dots indicating the location of troops connected in some way to the accused, the Los Angeles Times provides information on the volume of cases opened by year. It also provides names and troop locations for each individual accused of sexual abuse. Visitors to the Times site can click on each of the thousands of names of men who were accused of sexual abuse to read the interoffice Scouting memos, arrest records, and newspaper clippings surrounding the alleged sexual abuse that caused the leaders to be banned from Scouting. 
The BSA has paid millions of dollars in damages to sexual abuse victims of male abusers. While the overwhelming majority of cases involved teenage boys, many disturbing cases of sexual abuse on prepubescent children are on record. In the largest single settlement, BSA victim Kerry Lewis was awarded nearly $20 million in damages from the BSA in a trial that ended in April 2010. Lewis was just one of several others who were sexually abused by Timur Dykes, a man who had admitted to a BSA official in 1983 that he had already molested 17 boys. During the settlement trial, Lewis’s attorneys used the secret perversion files to argue that the organization had dismissed or ignored many allegations of sexual abuse by male Scout leaders.
The media only cared about the priest abuse scandal because it allowed them to bash the Church which opposes the homosexual agenda. They will champion the right of homosexuals to be scout leaders despite the danger to youngsters from sexual predators who join for the express purpose of access to young boys. Is every homosexual an abuser? Of course not. But there is something insane about putting same-sex-attracted men in a control position over young men. It just isn't worth the risk!


  1. All of your posts are about homosexuals. Don't you have anything else to focus on? Why does it bother you if it doesn't affect your life. Or maybe you are so focused on it because you yourself are a homo and this is your way of repenting.

  2. This is a bit biassed. There are all sorts of child abuse not only by gay men. What a way to focus on one group.

  3. Homosexuals represent about 3% of the population but commit about 1/3 of sex abuse crimes against children. That's a pretty significant percentage for such a small group. And as a grandmother of 22 homosexuality does affect my life because children are targets of propaganda in the schools. Anti-bullying programs and gay straight alliance clubs are all about encouraging acceptance of same sex behavior among children.

    Your statement that I must be a homo comes right out of the homosexual playbook. Actually, it makes me think you are probably a homosexual shilling for the agenda using the strategy of slamming your opponent.

    Normalizing deviant sexual behavior attacks and undermines traditional marriage and the family. Homosexuals themselves admit that they are all about fomenting a revolution that overturns traditional morality as homosexual activist Paul Varnell openly admitted in a 2000 article. “Defending Our Morality,” Chicago Free Press, Aug. 16, 2000,