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Friday, April 1, 2016

From the "What's Wrong with the World" File: The Firing of Wendy Bell

Why was this Pittsburgh news anchor fired? Because she spoke the truth about violent fatherless black youth and dared to post it on Facebook. The politically correct dumbos called her comments racist and her idiot bosses apparently have the backbones of jellyfish. Her comments are anything but racist.

Read about what happened here. This reminds me of Daniel Patrick Moynihan when he worked for LBJ warning that liberal policies were damaging the black family by pushing dads out of the home and encouraging illegitimacy.
Moynihan was pilloried for his "infamous" study. But he was right and the horrendous situation of the black family today illustrates exactly how prophetic he was. LBJ's Great Society made the situation for black families much worse. His only goal was votes for Democrats.

Now another courageous soul is being pilloried for speaking the truth. Pray for her. We need more people in the media with the guts to defy the culture of political correctness. I sincerely hope she gets a bunch of job offers from media outlets that value journalists not afraid of offending the demagogues! Now if only they would fire the real bigots -- like Chris Matthews.

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Anonymous said...

Funny the risk of being called a "Trump troll" I offer up the following to be read by your more astute Catholic readers. Bill Ayers was very much involved organizing the anti Trump protesters in Chicago and was even interviewed there by the MSM holding a sign !