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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trouble in the LGBTQXYZ Paradise?

Isn't this how you've always imagined Helen of Troy?

Gay Pride Event Bans Drag Queen Outfits Because It Offends The Transgendered

Poor drag queens. They're banned from performing because some transgendered folks might feel "uncomfortable."

So let me see if I have this straight. Cross-dressing gay men who don't self-identify as transgendered, but like to dress up and sing and dance as women are banned from this event.

But transgendered men who like to cross dress, put on heels and make up and glittery gowns and sing and dance are welcome.
That's a head-scratcher. I guess Conchita Wurst won't be welcome. Maybe if he shaves off his beard?

It will be interesting to watch the internecine warfare in the LGBTQXYZ community as they battle amongst themselves over which perversions are politically correct and which are "transphobic" and prejudiced.

Read this bit from the article. It's good for a laugh:
Free Pride Glasgow justified its decision [to ban drag queens] in a Monday Facebook post, saying they were deliberately choosing to desires of transgender women more than others. 
“Our event aims to represent those underrepresented in our community, including but not limited to trans and non-binary people, women, People of colour, intersex people, asexual people and people with disabilities,” the post said. “As such we have decided to prioritise the needs of trans women to feel safe and included in our event.” 
The decision earned a rebuke from the main Glasgow Pride event. 
“Pride Glasgow believes that any community group should be given their place to flourish but that success should not be built on the negativity and ignorance towards other events, groups and like minded people and we are saddened to see that this is the direction that Free Pride has chosen to take.” they say...all perversions are equal, but some are more equal than others. And we wouldn't want Caitlyn Jenner not to "feel safe and included" if he went to Pride Glasgow.


susan said...

further and further down the rabbithole.

Anonymous said...

Political Correctness should be re named Societal Suicide!

ESPN Fires Baseball Analyst Curt Schilling After Anti-Transgender Facebook Post

Anonymous said...

From California,

I think many of these people have a chemical imbalance in their brains, possibly from drinking too much alcohol or taking illegal drugs on their part or that of one or both parents. Many of the ones I have known came from family's where alcoholism and illegal drug use were prevalent. It all leads to a lack of good judgment and good moral values. Many had mothers or fathers who cheated on each other, and, therefore, did not want to get involved with the opposite sex or get married. There are exception, of course, but I think those just got seduced into the lifestyle and continue the bad habits -- like any addiction, even though they had good parenting.

avila said...

It's all about who can be the most victimized of the victims. It's all about drama - nothing will ever be settled - there will always be a new issue and a new victim class.

susan said...

anon from Calif....flouride has just been shown to have the effects of a neural toxin. Sure would explain a lot regarding this mass insanity, eh?

Anonymous said...

From California,

Susan that is a possibility, but I do not think it is the cause since most native Californians -- myself, my husband and our children included -- have been drinking fluoridated water since our childhood and do not have such problems with our sexual identity. There are many, many other native Californians whom I know who do not have such problems either. Many people who have such problems come from other states, too.

Nevertheless, we now drink a lot of bottled water since we keep it on hand for earthquake preparedness and have to recycle it. Scientists and doctors do tell us now that if there is fluoride in the water not to use fluoride in tooth paste and others things because it can cause an overdoes. On second thought, I am not sure our city puts fluoride into our drinking water any longer; I think it does, but I am not certain.