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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Killing Us Softly

Killing us softly
Remember this song?

Strumming my depression with his fingers
Skipping the no-touch time
Killing me softly with organ transplant
Killing me softly while my heart is still beating
Taking my whole life with his knife
Killing me softly with his knife

Skipping the “no-touch time” – a period of several minutes which must elapse to ensure that death has occurred – a proposal by medical researchers in Holland READ HERE says that, “Instead of dying by lethal injection, people requesting euthanasia could be legitimately killed as their organs are stripped from them on the operating table during transplant surgery.” The researchers believe that doctors should be given the power to kill under these circumstances since it would “improve the quality of the transplanted organ.”

This would allow surgeons to remove healthy and undamaged organs, that is, “to take a beating heart from a euthanasia patient instead of having to wait until the person has died before the organ is harvested.”

Additionally, “a patient might be motivated to request euthanasia because this gives him the opportunity to donate organs in a Heart Beating Organ Donation Euthanasia,” meaning a killing where a patient is sedated, after which his organs are removed, causing death.”

And while the doctors are busy killing their patient, they can pipe in the music of Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly.

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