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Friday, April 15, 2016

Sometimes the Good Guys Win: Bishops' Media Head Gets the Axe

 Good-bye, Tony. We'll pray for you. 
Catholic News Service has been a problem for years and this story explains exactly why.

Head of US Bishops’ news agency resigns, blames ‘far right blogosphere’

It's amazing how many dissident Catholics think they can pick the pockets of the faithful in the pew while they undermine the faith and give public scandal. I'm happy to say that there is one fewer dissenter at the USCCB now that Tony Spence got the axe. 

Maybe Tony was the reason disgusting homosexual propaganda films like Brokeback Mountain got such glowing reviews.

A big thank you and two thumbs up to the "far right blogosphere" including the Lepanto Institute, ChurchMilitantTV and LifeSiteNews. They helped the bishops see the light. Stop using our money to pay termites like Tony Spence to destroy the faith! 

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From California,

Praise God and pass the ammunition -- Truth.