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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not Everyone in a Roman Collar, or Even a Papal Zucchetto is Telling You the Truth!

Is there a halo under that zucchetto?
Every day when we say the Morning Offering we pray "for the reunion of all Christians." I thought of that when I received this comment from my friend, Fr. Tom Collins, today.
It is no wonder the Orthodox are not too eager about reuniting with the Roman Catholic Church.considering the fact that the pastoral theology of the Western Church is so badly infected with a number of secularly transmitted diseases such as moral relativism, Darwinian evolution, and the capitulation to sexual perversion as “respect for freedom of conscience”, what good pastor would want to risk infecting his flock with such highly contagious diseases? It seems that many in the Western Church do not accept the fact that eternal damnation is a real danger for any who do not take the whole truth of God seriously.
Now the question: Do you and I "take the whole truth of God seriously?" Or do we pick and choose in the cafeteria of moral beliefs? I"m currently reading Chapter Seven of Amoris Laetitia on the education of children and it seems to me that it promotes moral relativism and situation ethics. Over and over, the document addresses "concrete situations" as if no general principles can be applied to love and the family. The language often reminded me of Joseph Fletcher's Situation Ethics. It was particularly troubling in Chapter Seven when the pope urges parents to teach their children "inductively" rather than "imposing"... "certain values, principles and absolute and unquestionable truth."

What a strange pedagogical method! If I want to teach my children any subject, don't I start with principles and facts and "absolute truths?

  • Two and two make four.
  • We learn through our five senses.
  • Water is essential to life on the planet.
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
When I do that am I "imposing" these facts or am giving the children a foundation on which to build? And isn't that foundation fundamental to learning? Teaching morality is no different. There are fundamental principles on which to base moral decision making, and they are essential to becoming a morally upright person! When I teach the Ten Commandments am I not to stress them as "absolute and unquestionable truth?" Or are they just part of the body of knowledge that one can accept or dismiss in the process of clarifying values

Amoris Laetitia is likely, as Fr. Tom points out, to be a further impediment to the reunion of all Christians. In my opinion it is even an impediment to the union of all Catholics. Let us see whether we have a situation as some have suggested where the German Church allows those in invalid marriage to receive Communion while, across the border, the Polish Church maintains doctrinal orthodoxy recognizing that receiving the Eucharist unworthily endangers the souls of those who do it.

We live in a time best described as confusing and, as Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia said of the Extraordinary Synod, “I think confusion is of the devil, and I think the public image that came across was one of confusion.” He said something even more troubling when he pointed out that, “People who uphold a traditional moral architecture for sexuality, marriage and family have gone in the space of just 20 years from mainstream conviction to the media equivalent of racists and bigots....“This is impressive. It’s also profoundly dishonest and evil, but we need to acknowledge the professional excellence of the marketing that made it happen.” One is tempted to point out that among the marketeers were many in the Catholic hierarchy. 

Chaput also expressed concern over failure of Church leader to uphold moral teaching. Quoting French theologian Henri De Lubac, he said, “When the world worms its way into the life of the Church, the Church becomes not just a caricature of the world, but even worse than the world in her mediocrity and ugliness.” Is that not what we are seeing particularly with Rome essentially adopting the language of moral relativism and situation ethics? 

Pray for Holy Mother Church and all her children. And make it your duty to study the authentic faith and share it with family and friends. And remember, not everyone in a Roman collar, or even a papal zucchetto, is telling you the truth.


Anonymous said...

Chaput like a broken clock is righton this time but by his hitching up with the neocon/blue dog democrats and their ilk, should be mainly be seen as part of the problem. Last year's Philly family fest would have been an ideal bully pulpit but he punted.

Dan said...

It's time for a campaign of faithful Catholics to call, write, email, tweet, and stand in St. Peters Square and chant: "Amoris Laetitia stercora est!"

We can do it. Help me spread the stercore!

susan said...

agreed anon. Chaput has had nothing but lauds for francis and for that abominable papal excrescence AL. He's on the better side of neo-modernist prelates, but that bar is pretty dang low.

Anonymous said...

Take a look back at the long line of installations in the ArchDiocese with the biggest sexual abuse scandals and you will see the same ilk of like minded replacements, even IF they speak out publicly against the horrors. Scratch the surface and the same disease of coverup and transfers for the perverted clerics shines through. I remember when Bevilaqua said homosexuals should
never be Ordained !
Sounded good until you read his history of coverups and involvement.

Not so long ago I ran into one child abuser ( now in retirement) .He was bounced back and forth by Bevilaqua and McHugh until his misdeeds were made public and they had to retire him out in '02 since his history never made it to a civil suit, thanks to the short Statutes of Limitations. This, despite the fact the Diocese both paid out settlements to the accusers families which showed up in the Diocese own files during the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report! There he was sitting in the booth to us still dressed in his clerical garb (minus the collar) loudly bemoaning the fact that,".... when police hear the word sex ,they always over react as in the case for poor Bill Cosby"
We went right home and I lost my lunch to the toilet!

Anonymous said...

continued from last post

Just who was dining in the next booth?

.and note Anonymous 10:48 .........Chaput replaces Rigali and Rigali replaced Bevilaqua. The beat goes on like the magic trick of three cups and one ball, hoping the public will not guess which ball was shuffled under which cup.
When I was young the priests remained in a Diocese for decades, as did the Bishops and Cardinals.......but then, the cats were in the bag and there was no mass Internet media.
I ONLY knew people who saved piles of newspapers in their homes and people thought they were crazy?

Anonymous said...

From California,

I have come to the conclusion that letting too many people go back and forth across borders illegally also makes it easier for child or teen molesters to escape and remain hidden. It makes it much easier for sex trafficking, also.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, Mary Ann! Excellent article. Thanks so much for letting us know we're not alone. We're all over the world praying anxiously for the Church to return to God's Truth.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you for all the insightful comments. Do you think we will see a move to canonize this pope immediately after he dies by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other self-proclaimed "devout" Catholic termites?

Stabat Mater said...

I am a mother, and I am ALL about imposing my beliefs as taught through the Holy Roman Catholic Church (sometime before all hell broke loose with this insanity) on my children as long as they are under my spiritual authority and my roof. First, because MY soul depends on it, and secondly, because their souls depend on it. The primary goal of a mother is to get her family to Heaven. I lament every moment of my youth in which Truth was not imparted to me. May my children never be remorseful for sins they never knew were sins because of a lack of responsible catechesis from their parents. I am eternally grateful that Our Lady imposed herself on me & drug me to the Faith. Impose away, Ladies!

Sorry that I got stuck on this point, but that language REALLY stirred a fire in this momma bear!

Anonymous said...

Boy is that the Truth Mary Ann !