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Friday, April 22, 2016

Pray for Michael Voris in his Magdalene Moment

The two Mary's weep at the foot of the cross.
I can't say I was especially surprised by the revelation that Michael Voris' past sins involved living an active homosexual lifestyle. He's candid about being a terrible sinner before he reverted to the faith, and that, had he died during that period of his life, he would have spent eternity in hell. He's also expressed great love and appreciation for his mother and her willingness, like Our Blessed Mother, to suffer anything to rescue her sinful children. Like Mary, Michael's mom was willing to experience her own personal crucifixion for the salvation of one specific beloved sinner.

In one sense, this revelation is just. Michael dishes it out and those who hate him, his "tone", and his targeting of higher-ups in the Church are probably chortling. They obviously want to discredit him as a liar and hypocrite. But this doesn't do it. I myself have many sins of my youth. Like Michael, I repented and perhaps those sins made me "love much" more than I would have if I'd never strayed from God's laws.

To be honest, I think this Magdalen moment, this humiliation, is a blessing and a grace for Michael Voris. It is a stripping, like Christ being stripped of His garments on Calvary. Michael's "hidden" sin is no longer hidden. He is exposed like the woman, held in contempt by Simon the Pharisee, crying as she anointed the feet of Christ. "Doesn't He know what kind of woman is touching Him?"

Of course He did! He knew and loved the repentant sinner kneeling at His feet. Those of us who acknowledge our sinfulness experience a particular rejoicing at the Easter Vigil when the cantor sings of Adam's "happy fault." We know the price Our Savior paid to redeem us, His tremendous love for a pathetic little lamb.

Please pray for Michael Voris that what his enemies meant for evil will be a source of great grace for him and for the apostolate of Church Militant TV.

Lord have mercy on all of us sinners and bring us to everlasting life.