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Saturday, April 2, 2016

What You Don't Know Can Kill You! Listen to Dr. Paul Byrne if You Don't Want to be Dissected Alive!

"Brain death is fake death....No one recovers after they cut out the beating heart."
Dr. Paul Byrne, M.D.

You cannot transplant a heart taken from a cadaver. The patient donor must be ALIVE in order for the heart to be useful. The donor patient is unconscious, but not dead. Read about patients defined as brain dead who recovered. If doctors take major unpaired organs to transplant in others, they must do it by dissecting a LIVING donor. Ventilators don't help cadavers. They only work on living patients. The ventilator pushes air in, only living patients with healthy lungs can expel the air.

NEVER, EVER approve an apnea test for an unconscious loved one. (Note, this is not a sleep apnea test.) The apnea test can only make the patient worse. It makes carbon dioxide go up in the blood which causes the brain to swell. The apnea test can only make a patient worse.

DO YOU WANT TO BE DISSECTED ALIVE? They do it without anesthetic. The donor team paralyzes the donor patient to prevent movement. Dr. Byrne describes a surgeon saying that when he made the incision down the chest, the patient donor threw both arms up. Not any more. Paralyzing the patient is for the comfort of the medical team dissecting the living patient.

Visit Dr. Byrne's website, Life Guardian Foundation. Order his booklet and fill out his card to protect your life.

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