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Friday, December 23, 2016

"Demons in Roman Collars": Part III of Randy Engel's Series on Fr. Anthony Cipolla

Protect the children, Holy Father.
Randy Engel wrote this series in an attempt to gain justice for the Thompson family whose sons were both abused by pederast Fr. Anthony Cipolla. In her research, Randy also gives an extensive report on the pederast problem in the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh whose bishops covered up for the abusers for decades including Cardinal Donald Wuerl currently the head of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.! 

I urge you to read the entire series, but Part III can stand on its own and actually provides somewhat of an overview of the magnitude of the problem. I quote the end of the article (after the break) which identifies the problem -- It's homosexuality in the priesthood! 

And if you think it's over, you're dreaming. There is currently a major investigation in Argentina of the systemic abuse of deaf children at a school in the province of Mendoza. Five priests were arrested in November and evidence gathered from their living quarters. These are not old cases so the statute of limitations is not up and prosecutors predict major jail time. Of course the defendants have the right to a fair trial, but if the evidence shows they are guilty of the abuse described I hope they get the book thrown at them. As for Pope Francis, he has stated over and over that there is zero tolerance for clerical sex abusers, but, according to victims, Pope Francis was notified in 2014, but nothing was done.

 Any abuser, cleric or otherwise, should be immediately reported to police and families should demand justice. That bishops continue to cover up for these demons in roman collars is shameful. 

Some Parting Thoughts on Protecting Our Children

I would be remiss, if in bringing this series to a close, I fail to mention the large elephant in the Catholic parish and rectory involving clerical sexual abuse of minors and other vulnerable populations – HOMOSEXUALITY.

Pederasty is the handmaiden of homosexuality. The Homosexual Collective – both male and female – is youth driven. It recruits like the Army. Pederasty not pedophilia is the bane of the Catholic Church today. As long as homosexual prelates, priests and religious are permitted to continue to colonize the Catholic Church, there will be no end to the crime of pederasty.

One of the many tragedies of pederasty is the large numbers of young male victims who end up among the rank and file of the Homosexual Collective. I am sure that many of these poor souls along with organizations founded to help them, who have approved of this exposé up until now, will reject these assertions. They will argue that homosexuals are “born that way” or else why would their perpetrator have sought them out? What they fail to understand is how deeply they were harmed, harmed to their very being, by their assault at the hands of a homosexual predator. Another reason that convicted pederasts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

One of the common missions of the Church and State is to promote virtue and suppress vice. This means upholding the Natural Law, a law which is binding on all men everywhere and at all times. So far, I have get to hear either party declare its willingness to execute this mission with determination and vigor.

Today, the Homosexual Collective has become an umbrella vice under which many other vices including pederasty are hiding. We can’t lick one without licking the other.

A very sobering thought to what I trust is a very sobering series.

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  1. Keep in mind sodomite abuse of an adolescent more often than not results in confused sexual identity unless, by the grace of God through either therapy or deep self reflection , the individual comes to the realization that as a child THEY were NOT responsible for the priest's perverted attraction to them. Also, keep in mind that it is recognized in the Medical and Psychiatric community that abuse begets abuse. Sadly reflection is sorely needed in the clerical ranks also. Too many Prelates and priests have actually voiced the notion that the children seduced the offending perverted cleric !
    Examples are Fr Benedict Groeschel formerly of EWTN and Bishop Cunningham of Syracuse NY.
    Groeschel at one time was even responsible for advising Bishops on the suitability of these perverts for Ministry. Yet he also believed children were partly to blame.

    Many people in the audience at the Craftsman Inn in Fayetteville were there in response to a story that revealed Cunningham's deposition in 2011 when he said victims of priest sexual abuse were partly to blame.