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Friday, December 16, 2016

You Just Gotta Laugh: Outgoing Vatican Ambassador Worries about Trump "Surprises!"

Don't worry, Holy Father, Donald Trump can't win!
I had to laugh when I read the statement of outgoing U.S. Vatican Ambassador, Ken Hackett, a past CEO of the discredited Catholic Relief Services, saying:
“There is a general concern among everybody in the world [Nothing humble about that claim!]  – whether you were for Trump or against Trump – because it’s a surprise every day...[Hey, isn't that a good thing? After all, our God is a "God of surprises" according to the Holy Father so he must be God's choice.] ...they just don’t know what to expect."
He's talking about Trump's policies and positions, but, of course, what he really means is that, as a liberal Democrat who supported Barack Obama (Why do you think he got nominated as Vatican ambassador?) he knows what to expect from Trump and doesn't like it. As a liberal Catholic who oversaw a charity that supported distribution of condoms and promotion of contraception and abortion in the Third World, Hackett is willing to cheer for pro-aborts as he did when a Vatican workshop on the environment hosted two of them. (Source)

Well, as I still tell my children, "Just because someone is wearing a roman collar (pederast priests), a habit (the nuns on the bus), or claims to be a 'devout' Catholic (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, etc.) doesn't mean they aren't wolves in sheep's clothing." So I'm chuckling over the soon to be former ambassador's statement, but I have no illusions that he was ever anything but a man who put liberal politics ahead of the faith.


  1. "Well, as I still tell my children, 'Just because someone is wearing a roman collar (pederast priests), a habit (the nuns on the bus)...'"

    One of the "nuns on the bus" wearing a habit truly WOULD be a surprise!

    Maybe the "God of surprises" has given us a "President of surprises."

  2. LOL! You're right about the nuns on the bus -- but I have known nuns in habits who were not very orthodox, but more likely male religious -- i.e., some crazy Dominicans and OFMs.