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Saturday, December 3, 2016

When Pope Francis Threw Open the Closet Door We Could Guess Where this was Going!

Well, if there were any doubts about where this pope stands and where he is taking us his appointment last year of Timothy Radcliffe as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace should have alerted us. The Synod on the Family, the bizarre interviews and telephone calls, the pope's favorites -- they all are signposts along the tracks.

We're on the express circus train to Sodom and Gomorrah with Francis as the engineer and a whole host of evil clowns taking the tickets and rummaging through the baggage.

Fr. Mark Pilon in a column for The Catholic Thing today says we aren't in schism...yet. He had some interesting things to say about Pope Francis' "agenda:"
Pope Francis already had an agenda for “reshaping” the Church in certain areas of discipline when he came into office, as seems clear from the speed with which he announced the Synod on the Family. It was a perplexing event. His predecessor, Saint John Paul II, had convoked a Synod on the same topic and had issued a brilliant exhortation, Familiaris Consortio.
It was even more telling that little in the preparatory documents, or in the exhortation following the Synod, seemed to have much reference to that earlier exhortation. In retrospect, that Francis had it in mind to alter certain determinations of that earlier Synod and John Paul II’s exhortation appears all but certain.
Yup, Pope Francis, who believes our God is a "God of surprises" also apparently believes He's a God of contradictions. After 2000 years God has decided to change His mind about the doctrines He taught as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity when He walked the earth and everything He taught under the old Covenant. (Of course, that no doubt convinces the feminists who call God "She" they must be right, since it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.)

Fr. Pilon says if the four cardinals who issued the dubia are forced to make a formal correction of the pope because of his silence it will be "quite awful, forcing Church leaders, priests, and lay people into taking sides – a kind of practical schism. Let’s pray it never comes to this. But to avoid such divisions and worse, Pope Francis will now have to do something."

I fear that "something" may be even worse than what we've experienced so far. And so I'm clinging to my rosary and reading Pope Leo's encyclical on that holy devotion, Iucunda Semper Expectatione, issued in 1894. He reminds us that we are not the first to experience bad times and the antidote:
For as the disastrous condition of the Church and of Society proved to Us the extreme necessity for signal aid from God, it manifest to Us that aid should be sought through the intercession of His Mother, and by the express means of the Rosary....At the present day...there is a signal necessity of special help from Heaven, particularly manifest in the many tribulations suffered by the Church as to her liberties and her righs, as also in the perils whereby the prosperity and peace of Christian society are fundamentally threatened. So it is that it belongs to Our office to assert once again that We place the best of Our hopes in the holy Rosary.
If you aren't saying the daily rosary, isn't it time to start? Mary made it clear at Fatima that she is the mediatrix of graces and that God wishes to use her to defeat evil. The humble handmaiden of the Lord faces Lucifer, once the "light-bearer," who extinguished his light through pride and rebellion. Now he is all darkness and he wishes to make all the world; which God ordained to be true, good, and beautiful; to be transformed into his own image - false, evil, and ugly.

Follow our twelve-star general, the Queen of heaven and earth. Join the resistance. Pray the rosary. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us.


  1. "We're on an express train to Sodom and Gomorrah"
    Really well put Mary Ann!

  2. What we are living is just horrible.... We really must trust in the power of Our Lady through the Rosary and hope that somehow She will save the Church of her Son and our church from the claws of Satan. Thanks so much for ever informative and uplifting messages. God bless you!

  3. Thank you both for the kind words. The Church today needs spiritual warriors more than ever. The Mass, the rosary, every suffering...they all offer opportunities to "hold our ground." God wins!

  4. I agree Mary Ann. We can't whine about bishops who don't speak up to correct error and when they do start yelling Schism Schism! Oh my!!!
    There doesnt have to be a schism if the Holy Father will only see he's in the ditch and needs to stop digging. End of problem.