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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Guest Post: Is Putin a Charlatan?

Has David Martin got it right? Is Putin the Christian hero so many paint him as or is he a subversive Gramski commie using any means to attack the West including pretending to support a return to moral values? For more insight on this Russian leader read this. People are not always what they seem. 

Obama's Sanctions Against Russia a False Flag
Who is the real Vladimir Putin?
By David Martin

The news is abuzz with commentary over Obama's move to impose sanctions against Russia in response to its supposed cyber-attack in the 2016 election which marred Hillary's reputation and contributed greatly to Donald Trump's victory.

The problem is that Obama has not imposed any sanctions against Russia. It's a false flag. This is being done to solidify the fake news that Russia aided Trump's victory by "hacking" the DNC—something they never did—so that America will protest Trump's inauguration. 

Obama and Putin are in on this together. Their plan is to interfere with the inauguration by creating a national state of emergency through a false flag attack on Russia, which explains why the 35 Russian diplomats have been asked to return to their country. This is to protect them, not to impose sanctions on them. America shouldn't take lightly the threats about "Bloody Friday," because they [Russia and their dog ISIS] mean business.

Let us not be deceived. Putin is the key agent generating America's fall to immorality and to one-world slavery, but he doesn't want us to know that. His ploy right now is to skillfully conceal his alliance with the globalists by "exposing" their plan to desovereignize America, because he knows that's what Donald Trump wants to hear. He wants to get on Trump's good side and ring his ears, because his design is to deceive and weaken Trump, and to eventually elicit secrets out of him—a typical KGB tactic.

Hence if Donald Trump is going to be the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, it's a good idea for him to know who his greatest enemy is. The stark evidence speaks for itself, whether it's Putin's new law forbidding Christian witness in Russia, his cruel oppression of the Ukraine, his threats to nuke the U.S., or his mandating abortion on women. "By their fruits you shall know them." (Mt. 7:20) The man is possesed, and unfortunately, possessed people appear as angels of light. 

Sadly, the liberal sector of America is very angry right now over Hillary's defeat, and globalists know that they have a furious army at their disposal if they can convince leftist America that Trump's "friend" Putin helped ruin it for Hillary. The Russian malware just discovered at the Vermont utility is false evidence that has been set in place in a devious attempt to sell America on this fake news.

For years the globalist plan has been to create a state of emergency aimed at placing America under U.N. jurisdiction, and that plan could be fulfilled very soon if America doesn't change its view on Putin and Russia. The prayers and whistle-blows of American patriots can foil this plan, but it's a good idea that Mr. Trump do his part by not complimenting Putin anymore in the press, lest angry liberals continue to think that Trump was in cahoots with the one who helped ruin Hillary's success.


  1. Judge Napolitano stated on the news that the DNC emails were NOT hacked but leaked.
    A disc was sent to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks by a disgruntled Bernie Sander supporter from within the DNC.

    If Vlad Putin had his druthers I am sure he would prefer Hillary. Afterall, she made sure Russia got a sweet north American Uranium deal. Why would he choose a more difficult man to deal with ?

  2. I disagree with David Martin about Putin just as I did with the last article he wrote about him. It isn't 1950 anymore (2 years before Putin was born and 3 years before Stalin died).

    The thing to fear today is not Putin, but Islam.

  3. Did you read the other article, Susan? I'm in total agreement with you about Islam, and you frequently point out how they lie until they have the power in a country to move against it. Isn't that also possible with a KGB Communist? It was only in 2006 that Putin had Alexander Litvinenko killed by plutonium poisoning. The story is told in Death of a Dissident. Bella Dodd talked about putting thousands of communists into the seminary when she was a Soviet agent. We know communists will use religion and most of the leaders of the Orthodox religion in Russia were also KGB agents according to the article I linked to in the introduction. I hope you're right but, as Reagan said, "trust but verify." There are a lot of warning signs.

  4. David Martin leaves no room for hope, conversion or the grace of God. He merely spouts old whines about Lenin, Stalin and the KGB from 100 years ago. He is mistrustful, ever doubting, rigid (Pope Francis' favorite word) and a bit arrogant. Just my personal opinion of course, but that's how I read him through his articles.

    Please read the 25+ comments about Putin after William Jasper's New American article, then we will talk. Meanwhile, Yay Trump and Yay Putin. That doesn't mean "All hail the two"... it merely means that on the world stage for the benefit of the future of mankind, these two leaders are far better than Hillary and those long dead evil thugs who ruled the USSR 100 years ago.

    It's 2017. Look to the future. And, Epine Flower, why do you think Trump is "a more difficult man to deal with"? More difficult than Hillary, the liberal obstructionist? Or Obama, the hater of all things even remotely to the right of anything he thinks? Why would Trump be difficult for anyone other than a leftist liberal?

    It's a new era. The world changes. Islam is ascending, Communism is evening out. And I notice that Rafael Correa wasn't on the list of left leaning South American socialists. Could that mean that he's a good man, a Roman Catholic and that he has ruled no abortions for Ecuador in his 10 years of service to his country? He will not run again and Ecuador's elections are this year.

    I find Putin and Correa much the same - nationalists because of love of their country, family, and God. I' certain David Martin choked on his coffee with that comment and that he thinks I am terribly naive. However, I think he is naive about the movements of good and evil at work in the universe and who God has lined up on the world stage to pull the strings.

  5. We indeed need to fear Islam, but don't forget that Islam is the dog on Putin's leash.

    Communism is one of the tentacles of the global octopus, but it's the one that supposedly "disappeared" after 1991. That has been the plan from the beginning, to pretend that Communism collapsed, in keeping with Lenin's strategy: "When you are strong, feign weakness." If people today believe that the Soviet Union really collapsed, it only shows the great power that Russia now exerts over the western mind!

    And yes, there is hope--our only hope. The pope in union with all the world's bishops must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart according to the directives given by Our Lady to Sr. Lucy. Meaning, we can't have a bogus consecration, just like they had the bogus "release" of the Third Secret in June 2000. A true consecration means an earnest effort on the part of the Church to convert Russia from communism to Roman Catholicism. With the way things are going in Rome, they might have a fake consecration just to pacify concerned Catholics--a ceremony where the Church is consecrated to Russia. Nothing should surprise us anymore.

  6. Good grief. That again. It was done. Sr Lucy said so and if St JP The Great's efforts didn't meet with your approval then you'll just have to deal with it. Francis certainly won't be doing anything. He can't even pronounce that Medjugorje is a fake. And if for one moment people think that is real, watch this:

    She looks tired and worn but I suppose after several tens of thousands of times over 35 years faking an apparition one would tend to look tired and worn. I mean how many times can she nod her head, smile, frown, tear up and cry then suddenly recover and dictate to her interpreter what to write down as the - what - 95,000th message from a very chatty Blessed Mother repeating the same thing over and over like a nagging earthly mom.

    So, you look backward into the past to something that you think was never done and live in despair wringing your hands every time someone says something good about Putin. Meanwhile, I will look forward to the future, trusting that Sr Lucy (she would not lie under obedience) and our beloved St JP the Great did what was asked of them to the best of their holy ability, and be delighted to see the conversion of Russia happening before our very eyes.

    No one, not even Our Lady of Fatima, said that the conversion of Russia would happen in the twinkling of an eye, but compared to the thugs who brutally raped Nicholas and Alexandra, their 4 girls and the Tsarevich then murdered all except Anastasia, then killed scores of millions and ruined Russia for 50 years, Putin certainly looks - well totally and amazingly up to the task of steering his country toward a better path.

    Meanwhile, even though I said above that "Communism is evening out", or waning, what I should have said is that here in the US no one is yanking people out of their jobs to torture them to death because they went to church. In other words, the PHYSICAL killing of people through Communism is not being done here. However the MENTAL killing is being done obviously. Political correctness, same-sex marriage, abortions know what I mean.

    But then, God cared enough to help us by having Hillary lose to the only person who could have beaten her - President-Elect Donald John Trump (Yay!). None of the other Republicans ever had so much as a teeny tiny chance against Hillary. She would have chewed them up and they would have gone to their corner whimpering. So, you see, God sent us Trump because Obama followed by a Hillary presidency would have sent the US into its death spiral. God sent us trump just like He sent Putin to help Russia. Now let's see what the 2 of them can do together to crush Islam.

  7. Trump is not our savior. That being said, let's pray for him that he does much good. We could sure use some. But America as a people is no longer good so unless we experience massive conversion I'm not sure there is much hope for us no matter who is in the White House.

  8. A box of crackers would have saved us from such a witch.

    The election was all about not-hillary against not-trump. We catholics had better be ready with an excellent candidate in 2020 in the probable case trumps feet won't be held to the fire.

  9. "Last Testament: In His Own Words” Benedict with Peter Seewald - Read what B16 said about Putin

  10. Page 210. Q. “How was the meeting with Putin?”

    B16: “Very interesting. We spoke with each other in German; he speaks perfect German. We didn’t go very deep, but I certainly believe that is - a man of power of course - somehow affected by the necessity of faith. He is a realist. He sees how Russia suffers from the destruction of morality. Even as a patriot, as someone who wants Russia to have great power again, he sees that the destruction of Christianity threatens to destroy Russia. A human being needs God, he sees that quite evidently, and he is certainly affected by it inwardly as well. He has now even, as he gave the Papa ([Pope Francis] an icon, made the sign of the cross and kissed it . . ."

  11. Thank you, Gigi. I just reposted your comment tonight after another David Martin post...this one: "Was Obama Chosen by the Russians Years Ago to be US President?"