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Monday, December 5, 2016

Fr. Spadaro Must be a Democrat -- He's Got the Liar, Liar Part Down Pat!

Don't worry, Holy Father, I got your back.
According to OnePeter5, Fr. Anthony Spadaro, one of the pope's Amoris Laetitia cheerleaders, uses a dummy "sock-puppet" Twitter account to bolster the opinions he expresses in his newspaper, La Civiltà Catholica. I had to laugh at one quote of Spadaro's in the article:
I think that some people are exploiting the cardinals’ letter [the dubia] in order to ramp up the tension and create division within the Church. These groups feel sidelined, so they’re yelling, and attacking anyone perceived as being close to the pope. I’m not here referring to the case of the tweet, but more generally.
It’s painful that this is taking place within the Church, among Catholics. In some cases it’s enough to be positive about the Petrine magisterium to be attacked. It’s a deeply unpleasant opposition, incapable of articulating a thought without at the same time turning it into an attack.
Ah yes, those who find the pope's statements troubling are the ones who "ramp up the tension and create division within the Church." It couldn't possibly be Pope Francis celebrating Martin Luther, one of the greatest enemies of the Church in history, or his making frequent statements attacking those evil, rigid orthodox Catholics, especially the ones who love the Mass of the ages.

It is ironic that a pope who claimed he wants people to speak freely only seems to want to hear from liberals and progressives -- not the orthodox. But, as my mom always told us kids, "Actions speak louder than words." That is certainly true, not only with Pope Francis, but with Spadaro and his fake tweets. Which leads one to wonder how many comments posted at his newspaper are fake as well.

It's sad really. According to Wikipedia,  La Civiltà Catholica, "was founded by the Jesuit priest Carlo Maria Curci, who wanted to defend 'catholic civilization' against a perceived growing influence of liberals and freemasons.[8][9]" And now it appears freemasons are at the very top of the Vatican food chain. Is it any wonder the faithful sheep are being gobbled up by Vatican wolves?

Not to despair, however. When the faithful are persecuted by the enemies within, we are most like our Divine Master who warned us it would happen. The servants should expect the same treatment as the Master who welcomed His cross as the means of salvation. So when you see the latest attack on faithful, "rigid," Catholics rejoice if you are among them. And if you aren't, study the Catechism and get there. The company is blessed as the Beatitudes tell us.

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  1. Maryanne, there were some interesting comments about this priest on CMtv article awhile back. The commentators seemed to know him even though he allegedly posts under the name Marcellus or Marcel.H They said they knew he was really Fr Spadero and he got angry and posted back at them stating they have hundreds of thousands of more Catholics in S America than here ! As if we belonged to another Church, or were trying to influence the Vatican to understand the Church and the Pope our way. I was shocked by what I was reading in these comments and could only conclude he was talking about Liberation Theology and was angry the other posters weren't buying it as being truly Catholic.maybe I was reading it wrong but it sure didn't seem that way.
    I wish I had made copies of those comments
    Frightening to say the least.