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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Exploitation of "Transgender" Children and their Confusion

   Take a look at the two photos with this post.. Last winter the NEA did an article using the picture on the right to illustrate it. At the time, my colleague and I discussed the possibility that the child was a boy dressed up as a girl and that the NEA very deliberately asked the modeling agency for a "transgender" kid for the article. They definitely have an agenda! Today, I saw the picture from the cover of National Geographic on Matt Walsh's Facebook page (below). The child looked familiar, so I pulled up the photo from Susan's article. The child looks different but the same. High forehead, light straight eyebrows, dark eyes, same nose, May very well be the same model. And just think how much easier it will be to get jobs using the transgender card. It's so "in" right now.       Not that the child is scamming the system. He is no doubt legitimately confused, but really, the competition must be much less fierce in the modeling industry if you have a corner on the transgender market. And when you think of how parents have exploited their children for Hollywood in the past (Think Judy Garland.).... Well, please excuse my cynicism, but money (and fame) talk. And let's face it, much of the LGTBQXYZ agenda is all about attention. Bruce Jenner is certainly enjoying it.

   My sister was an actress for years, most of it on stage. She was surrounded by homosexuals who are overly represented in the industry. When she played in Damn Yankees with Jerry Lewis she told me all the actors playing baseball players were gay, a significant number of cast members. Why should that be? Well, my opinion is that it's partly because of their desire for attention. Think of homosexuals in the priesthood. The ones I've known have been showmen on the altar who often turn the Mass into a three-ring circus. When I see a video of a priest singing a secular song from the altar to a bride or groom during Mass or singing at the graveside of a funeral service (This actually happened at my mother's funeral.), well, I just wonder. When an event becomes, not about the central participants in the event: the bride and groom, the deceased, the family, etc., but about the celebrant who puts the spotlight on himself...I don't think it's a good sign.      At any rate, I agree with Matt Walsh that what's happening to these children constitutes child abuse. Feeding them with drugs that suppress the normal changes of puberty, giving them hormones to make their bodies act in ways inimical to its nature, getting psychological counseling to convince them that they're disordered feelings are "normal." Yes, I agree with Matt that its criminal abuse and the parents and others feeding the neurosis belong in jail.

We live in insane times. Those who haven't succumbed to the disease, need to keep calling out that the emperor has no clothes. Pray for the poor souls living in a dream world that is likely to turn into a nightmare!


Stabat Mater said...

I will apologize for being crass & crude, but it really is as simple as one's plumbing. Who the heck would ever want to forfeit the gift of being able to stand up to urinate? And there goes my brain connecting public education to public restrooms. Ewww...No thanks!

Susan Matthiesen said...

The Catholic singer Jackie Evancho has a brother named Jacob who thinks he's now a girl - Juliet. "Juliet" wants to go into modeling. Seems the mother sort of encouraged this behavior.

Anonymous said...

Does Jackie encourage it? I hope not. Sad, since she is a "Catholic" singer.


Dymphna said...

No matter how they dress him up or how many drugs they pump into his body this is clearly a boy. Where does this madness among the mothers come from? Is it feminism? Is it Manchausens by proxy?

Lauraelaina said...

Lol..The song that priest sang was hilarious. Momo was not a fan of Better midler. Btw..All my living children are fairly normal even though I forced them all to wear oshgoshbygosh coveralls. Oh, and I made them all dolls, and they all had matchbox cars and trucks. No one seems to be unhappy with their birth sex. I think it's much more parental/societal influences. However, I don't truly know. I just suspect.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all,

I am long time reader of this blog. I am in the midst of my daughter trying on this transgender-ism role. What pain it has cause me and my family. There was no parental support from us for her SSA and Transger-ism. I pray for her daily. I seek out support with the Encourage groups both online and in person. I love my daughter as does my husband. We have a strong Catholic faith, by the grace of God. This daughter is very smart (national merit scholarship finalist) and yet she has fallen under the influenced of horrible friends and teachers. I need your prayers and not your judgement of my religious education of my children. I tried to do everything right! I stand the middle of great tension-- wanting to keep the relationship with my child so that I can influence her and also taking care of and protecting my other younger children. It is a burden so profound! Please know that there are many families who do not want this societal plague and yet are dealing with it. We gave this daughter a beautiful name and now she rejects that name.

I think of of the quote which may be attributed to Saint Mother Theresa “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.”

I choose to not self identify because I am embarrassed by this circumstance.

God bless us all,
Mom in pain

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Dear Mom in Pain,

I am so sorry for what you are going through and there is no judgment of you and your husband's upbringing at all. I know several children from large Catholic families raised in the faith with great home examples who, as young adults, rejected their family's values to go their own way. Their parents are suffering as you are and continue to be faithful in prayer for their confused children. (Obviously this is a very different situation from a parent of a young child who enters into the fantasy and even endangers the child's health by hiring doctors willing to pump their children's young bodies full of artificial hormones.)

The Lord loved us enough to want us to freely love Him back. We cannot make or children love Him and desire His will. All of us have struggles with our children's choices whether it's rejecting the faith, or entering into sinful relationships outside marriage, or following the siren song of the LGBTQ temptation. No family is immune unless they have no children. We can only persevere in hope and pray for their conversion. I'll be offering my rosary today for your family, especially your daughter.

A priest friend gave me a relic of St. Maria Goretti. I'll be reverencing that relic and asking that sweet saint to pray for your daughter as she did for her murderer bringing about his conversion. I always take hope in the proverb that says, "Raise your children in the way of the Lord and when they are OLD, they will not depart from it. Age often brings insight and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The girl on the NEA cover is lovely, and was 11, in fifth grade when that photo was taken, and lives in Minnesota. There is no mention or idea of that girl being anything other than someone who loves to read. The cover model of the Nat'l Geographic issue is described as being 9 years old and from Kansas City. While you may have issues with the NEA's agendas and policies, it seems incredibly uncharitable and down right mean to continue to spread gossip about this cover model. As you so often point out, you can't change genetics... all you are doing is attempting to make fun of a girl you think looks masculine. Shameful.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, we have your word for it, Anonymous, although I'm not sure how much an anonymous comment is worth.We tried to find out who the model on the cover was when we did the article, but failed. If I recall correctly, Susan called the photographer and he wouldn't give out the information. Susan, am I right?

Susan Matthiesen said...

Here we go again. Back when the first article I posted appeared, an anonymous person said it was the most horrible post he or she had ever read. Just wondering if you are that anonymous person? The post was deleted and I rewrote the article and posted that. It was a more carefully thought out post unlike the first one which consisted of my EXACT thoughts when I first saw the picture on the front of NEA's magazine.

After all, if one is a model, whether a child or adult, they are in the PUBLIC eye and the PUBLIC has a right to voice opinion. It's much like a painting in an art gallery viewed by thousands of people a day, each who have an opinion as to whether the painting, in THEIR OPINION, is amazingly well painted, or not. People normally say, "I like that painting" and give reasons for liking it, or "I do not like that painting" and give reasons for their negative opinion. After all the painting is EXHIBITED...shown for public review just as a model is exhibited and shown on the front of a magazine cover for an obvious - or subtle - agenda.

Therefore, NEA placed a transgender child on their front cover. We all know that young white girls are at the top of the list of reading scores. So why put a young white girl on the cover as an example of the OPPOSITE intended meaning of NEA's article? It's because the model is a young white boy pretending to be a girl and transgenderism is included in the "THEY" of the article I posted.

Is this YOUR child? Are you this child's mother? Were you keeping track of all Internet mentions of that NEA article and photo? Is that how you came to LesFemmes? That's the only answer as to why you know the age and location of this child and also why you are so approving and non-discerning of the child's looks.

So, let me reiterate, (not gossip as you say, but my own personal opinion) on this poor child. First, if the child is a girl perhaps in the future when the child is matured, plastic surgery will help. If the child is a boy pretending to be a girl, well then, he makes a very - as charitably as I can put it - unattractive girl. Surely NEA wasn't including unattractive young white girls in the "THEY" of their article, as in "...and even unattractive young white girls love to read," were they?!!

Nevertheless, when I called the NEA headquarters in Washington DC no one would give me an answer. I can't remember if I got ahold of the photographer and was told because of privacy issues no answer would be forthcoming. So after the New Year I will put as PRIORITY on the very tip top of my list of New Year's Resolutions, to find out about the photograph. I mean, why would NEA who is in Washington DC, and the photographer, who is in Washington DC get a model from Minnesota when DC has enough models of their own? Unless this particular model was of a particular age and gender to fit the NEA's cover photo agenda, why go so far afield?

Since you have the child's age and location maybe you have more information that might be helpful in my search.

Stabat Mater said...

Please take comfort in being assured of my prayers. May your heart draw ever closer to Our Sorrowful Mother until you at last see your daughter's deliverance. J+M+J

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sabat Mater, Hopefully you're not thinking that we're getting the 2 Anonymous commenters mixed up. The first "Anonymous" is "Mom in Pain"; the second is altogether another "Anonymous". At least that's how I understand it. We assume that your answer is for "Mom in Pain", for whom I have also prayed.

Stabat Mater said...

Posted as a direct reply to "Mom in Pain."