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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Will Our Lady Withdraw Her Protection from Our Poor World?

Our Lady, Theotokos and protector, pray for us.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider recently stated in an interview on French TV that "schism already
exists in the Church." He also said, "We are witnessing in our time an ambiguity of such scope only comparable to the general confusion of the Arian crisis of the fourth century.' He said this about clerics who are undermining Church doctrine:
All of these ecclesiastics who want another gospel, meaning a right-to-divorce gospel, a gospel of sexual liberty — in short a gospel without God’s sixth commandment. These ecclesiastics make use of all evil means, that is to say ruses, deceptions, masterful rhetoric and dialectics, and even the tactic of intimidation and moral violence in order to attain the goal of admitting so-called “remarried” divorcés to Holy Communion, without the latter fulfilling the condition of living in perfect continence, a condition required by divine law.
Once the objective is attained, even if limited to so called exceptional cases of discernment, the door is opened to introducing the gospel of divorce, the gospel without the sixth commandment. And this will no longer be the Gospel of Jesus, but an anti-gospel, a gospel according to this world, even if such a gospel be cosmetically embellished with terms such as “mercy”, “maternal solicitude” or “accompaniment”.
In this context we must remember an apostolic exhortation of St Paul who said, “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be anathema”. (Galatians 1:8).
What will all this infidelity int he heart of the Church do? An 18th century mystic, Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora, had visions of the great apostasy and saw heard Our Lady withdrawing her prayers for mercy on a world deeply deserving of the Lord's justice. Are you living the Fatima messages? We can reduce the chastisement by our prayers and by conforming our lives to God's will. Blessed Elizabeth, pray for us.


  1. Wow! Thank you for this video Mary Ann! I had not yet heard of this 'Blessed Elizabeth' before now! Absolutely we must ask her to pray for us!!! She does indeed echo what many other Saints and Blesseds have prophesied.

    We have to be somewhere near the great chastisement, we have too many signs of blatant evil within the Church. Just the other day, Francis gave yet another 'interview' likening those who listened to 'fake news' with a truly vile deranged concept of which I will not even repeat. I had never even heard of this perversion before now! Only someone who is of unstable mental, and/or spiritual faculties would even think of such, let alone say such in an interview!! Quite probably, Francis needs our prayers of DELIVERANCE.....SERIOUSLY!!!! I am convinced that the Vatican is full of demonic activity, with so many freemasons and perversion that is rampant, and so being surrounded by such has to be dangerous.

  2. The Blessed Mother warned at Fatima that Our Lord was much offended and she gave us a show-and-tell warning with the pouring rain (reminiscent of the flood) and the sun plunging toward the earth threatening annhilation by fire. Have we listened and changed our lives in the 100 years since? No. And now many, many shepherds are wolves in disguise (or not so disguised in some cases). It is more important than ever for Catholics to know the faith and to fight dissent with courage like we see the four cardinals who issued the Dubia doing.

    Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, intercede for us.

  3. I believe the certain reason Donald trump won was because a tearful blessed mother intervened to her son on behalf of all her unborn children who would be slaughtered if Clinton had her way. As much a miracle on Nov 8 as the miracle on the Hudon when Capt Sully landed that plane and no one was killed. Perhaps we missed a deserved chastisement because of outr Mothers intercession.


  4. Maybe we did miss a deserved chastisement Anonymous..............FOR NOW. But, unfortunately, I'm not sure we will avoid it altogether. There have been too many Saints and Blesseds that have prophesied a chastisement, and notably, they all look very similar. That said, we MAY lessen a chastisement by our prayers and sacrifices making it not quite so severe, but I don't think we'll get out of it altogether. There is just too much sin and perversion going on for God to ignore it. If the depravity that is rampant in our culture makes ME ANGRY, an ordinary lay faithful that is also a sinner, can you even begin to fathom the anger of God Himself???!!!