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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Those who Uphold the Doctrine of the Church are now the Dissenters?

Did the wind of the Holy Spirit blow off the pope's zucchetto?
I never expected to live to see those who uphold the two-millennial unchanging doctrine of the Church labeled as dissenters. But is it really surprising? The modus operandi of liberals is name-calling. If you can't answer an argument, attack its source. And then tell them how worried you are about the state of their souls for being rigid and unmerciful and how they must have psychological problems if they love the Latin Mass (and the truth)!

 But what I find disconcerting and distressing is that people I thought were faithful Catholics are so starry-eyed over this pope (I think popolatry is a an accurate term) and so enamored of his faux compassion and faux mercy that they are willing to attack anyone who even asks a question -- like the four cardinals who requested clarification of Amoris Laetitia. Asking questions is now dissent?

Funny, but some of these same people have been critical in the past of anyone who challenged the actions of a cardinal of the Church or criticized him, e.g., Cardinal Dolan over the Al Smith dinner or his participating in the newly-gayed St. Patrick's Day Parade. So it's not okay to criticize someone like Dolan, but going after Cardinal Burke and company is peachy. It makes my head swim.

Now Austen Ivereigh, a past editor of The Tablet, who is himself a liberal of the first stripe, has raised the invective to astral levels. But, happily, his extremism is spotlighting the madness and bringing out intelligent responses from respected voices in the Church.

Ivereigh says that those who question Pope Francis "reject the validity of the Holy Spirit's action."


Is everything a pope says or does now to be blamed on the Holy Spirit?

Pope John XII (Dec. 16, 955 - May 14, 964), was so evil the Lateran Palace was considered a brothel during his pontificate and the "moral corruption" was a source of general condemnation in Rome. (Omigosh, all those dissenters criticizing a pope!) According to Ivereigh, perhaps the phrase, "The devil made me do it!", should morph into "The Holy Spirit made me do it!" Please! Have we really become so stupid that a man, even if he is the pope, can be raised to the level of  God Himself?

The lie that there was consensus at the Synod over the disputed paragraphs is being promulgated everywhere. It didn't happen, folks! The Synod Fathers were NOT in favor of expanding Communion to those living in objectively adulterous situations. It did NOT give individual priests the right to dissolve the bonds of matrimony in a kind of internal forum marriage tribunal. Blogger Thomas Peters, son of respected canon lawyer Ed Peters, put it well when he pointed out the ramifications of claiming that every situation (situation ethics/moral relativism) can be judged independently. Here is a bit from the article at LifeSiteNews:
Every case of IVF is different?” Peters quizzed Ivereigh on Twitter. “Every case of abortion? Every case of euthanasia? @austeni either it applies here too or nowhere. Right?” 
Peters also responded to Ivereigh’s tweet that his article provoked passion and recriminations. 
“No wonder,” Peters replied, “it is a transparent attempt to head off further debate, smear those attempting to understand the level/kind of pope's teaching. If @austeni was more secure in his position, he wouldn't desperately be attempting to end the debate ("the train has left the station").”
Another of Ivereigh's critics was also quoted in the article:
English scholar and blogger Father John Hunwicke wrote in apparent response that the tendency to assimilate the pope to part of the Holy Trinity was “arguably blasphemous and idolatrous or at least heretical,” and contrary to the Tradition of the Church. 
“When, in more recent times, Roman Pontiffs have defined dogma ex cathedra, they have prayed for the guidance of the Holy Spirit before doing so,” Father Hunwicke said, “but they have not boldly claimed to be mouthpieces of the Holy Spirit or to speak upon His inspiration.” 
“Believe me,” he continued, “we do not need some new and horrible dogma that the voice of Bergoglio is the voice of the Holy Spirit.”
Amen. Is there anything more to say?


  1. "Is there anything more to say?” Only that Cd. Burke is rumored to be preparing a correction to be released in January. This because the Pope has thus far refused to answer the questions proposed in the “dubia." God Bless and keep him!

  2. I find it interesting that dissenters now claim to be faithful Catholics.

    So, Amoris was the Holy Spirit working through Pope Francis?


    So, what about *all* of the encyclicals and exhortations by Pope St. John Paul II (Hey, remember Ordinatio Sacerdotalis?)? What about Pope St. Paul VI (hey, remember Humanae Vitae?)?

    What about *any* document put out by a Roman Pontiff that dissenters used to rebuff?

    This is truly an occasion of sillyville if I ever saw one.

    Good grief.

    Catechist Kev

  3. Amen. As a 70's hippy, I was always a dissenter. Praise the Lord of eternity. No lies will overcome Him. I will die faithful. I have too many with Him, I need to go there.

  4. Cardinal Burke may need a food tester and a team of body guards!

  5. The phrase "will there be any faith left" is truer now more than ever.
    The devil spreads confusion......despite what any Pope or Bishop says, Truth is Truth, written on our hearts. Be not Afraid!

  6. There are many of us who have been dissenters since the 1970s. I made my full dissent in 1986 and almost lost my faith. The more recent dissenters have been slow to response to what took place at Vatican II. All this pope is doing is pushing Vatican II to its fullest conformity to the anti-Catholic Doctrines that were ascribed to at the time (1965). Today, some more people are finally waking up. May God be with them.

  7. Don't worry, Mary Ann.

    You are right up there with St. Paul when it comes to defending the doctrines of the Faith:

    "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope, To Timothy, my true child in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. As I urged you when I was going to Macedonia, remain at Ephesus that you may charge certain persons *not to teach any different doctrine*, nor to occupy themselves with myths and endless genealogies which promote speculations rather than the divine training that is in faith; whereas the aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith. Certain persons by swerving from these have wandered away into vain discussion, desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make assertions. Now we know that the law is good, if any one uses it lawfully, understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, *immoral persons*, sodomites, kidnapers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to *sound doctrine*, in accordance with the glorious gospel of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted." (1 Tim 1:1-11, stars added)

    Note the beginning of verse 10 where it says "immoral persons". The translation in older versions of the Bible is "fornicators". The NAB edition (from the Vatican's website) is "the unchaste".

    In the readings at Holy Mass (Novus Ordo) the word "fornicators" is rarely, if ever, used. It is always "immorality" or "immoral persons".

    I don't know about you Mary Ann, but this seems to me an effort to dumb down sin.

    Yet, what do I know? I guess I am just a fundamentalist Catholic who enjoys spreading the doctrines of the Faith.

    Catechist Kev

  8. When I was a teen and hated God and His Church, everyone told me how wrong my feminist/modernist views were. I converted at 19 and became a serious practicing Catholic. When my children led me to the Tridentine Mass 6 years ago, my entire perception changed, and I was exposed to a depth of Catholicism that had escaped my entire generation. I have watched the Catholics who once told me my liberalism was wrong, fall completely away from the teachings of the Church, though some still attend Sunday Mass. They all magically have TWO, and only two, perfectly packaged children, and live a totally secular/worldly existence. The world has gone BONKERS, logic is dead, and what once made me a dissenter in all my heathen state is what so many "catholics" are proclaiming to be Truth. The Land of Chaos!
    I am so humbled to be the odd ball on THIS side of the field now. Deo gratias!!
    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

  9. I am a dissenter in that I dissent against the stance of the Hierarchy's policies towards allowing entrance into the seminaries for "transitional" homosexuals.
    I dissent against the policies put forth by the Vatican regarding the treatment of pedophile and perverted priests and against Catholics who have complained about the abuse.
    I dissented against the party type secular masses promoted in the sixties and seventies that are still in vogue today.
    I dissented against the use of secular textbooks used in the Parochial schools which I already paid for with my tax dollars and repaid for at inflated prices in my tuition bills.
    I dissent against the classroom sex ed promoted by the late Bishop James T McHugh of NJ which he and the bishops of NJ lobbied the NJ Statehouse Reps to put in place in all the public schools K-12 ( hoping to increase Parochial enrollment).
    I dissent against Mammon , the false God promoted by many Bishops and priests under the guise of resettling Muslim "refugees" for which they are paid US Tax dollars under the title ,Faith Based Charities.
    I dissent against all the cults falsely claiming to be "Catholic" Groups for the New Evangelization.
    I dissent against any cleric who promotes friendship and membership with Gnostic Masonic Lodges.
    I dissent against "rock star" priests who attach themselves to communication productions rather than serving the sheep as a true Sacramental priest.
    Yes Pope Francis , I am a "rigid" Catholic who Believes in Jesus Christ's Church on earth based on His Word and not on the agendas promoted by the UN or interpreting the Scriptures to fit an alleged "pastoral" modernist viewpoint.

    Perhaps there is "something wrong" Pope Francis , but not with me, but with thee?
    After all, I am merely a poor Catholic mother hoping to pass on the same Faith I was born into onto my husband and my children.
    Thank you for continuing during your Pontificate, to make the difficulties of this process even more of a burden for every Catholic family!
    Your cooperation with the Evil One's agenda ( as per Lucia of Fatima's own words regarding the devil and family life) has been duly noted.
    So we Pray More Rosaries !!!!!!!