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Saturday, December 17, 2016

London Muslims March for a European Caliphate

This beautiful 20 year old woman, Banaz Mahmoud,
was honor killed in 2006 in London by her own 
father. Two days ago London Muslims marched 
for their right under Islam to commit honor 
killings, along with other heinous barbaric 
Islamic crimes under Sharia law.
Article copied from this link: THIS LINK     

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- Muslims in London rallied for nearly an hour last night, calling for Sharia law, the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, and the punishment of America for failing to stop the strikes in Aleppo. Chants of "Allahu Ackbar" could be heard for blocks as the crowd was worked into a frenzy by charismatic speakers.

It is unknown who organized the rally, but several conservative Muslims appeared carrying signs and flags. A Taliban flag was spotted as well as slogans on signs calling for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

Most of the speakers addressed the topic of U.S. intervention in Syria, accusing the United States of sending Muslims to Syria where they were tortured by the CIA and Syrian authorities. 

The crowd was drawn from mosques across London, with the crowd coalescing following evening prayer services. The conservative crowd segregated itself by men and women. 

Muslims have a habit of refusing to assimilate, and of insisting on following their own rule wherever they go. Such a movement would not be tolerated in any Islamic nation, should Christians ask to abide by their own rules. However, Muslims across Europe are calling for the various parliaments across Europe to recognize their demands to live by Sharia law. 

The Islamic religion calls upon true followers to do all they can to make the places they go Muslim. They are allowed to lie, if necessary, to spread their faith. When it comes to Islam, no tactic is off limits. 

Nations that have admitted large numbers of Muslims in are now experiencing cultural shock as surging Muslim populations are demanding extra rights, and even exclusive rights for themselves. Sharia courts, Muslim policing, and sex segregation are among their demands as they congregate in Islamic ghettos. 

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