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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What Are They Crying About?

What happened to the
peaceful transfer of power?

The supporters of Hillary Clinton are still unsettled over the results of the election and one has to wonder what it is at this point that has them still so terribly sad and unwilling to accept the results and move on.  Generally it is that segment of the population which is yelling at the rest of us to "Move On!"  But then, I realize their "move on" is not toward reconciliation of differences, but toward revolution of one kind or another. 

If you could put a liberal on Santa's lap and let them tell you what would make their dreams come true, I think it would be very different from what we know, and they also know is ahead for them in the next four years.   It's easy for me to say, "but they will be happy because what I voted for is going to be so good for them."  Like saying to a child in the high chair, "Here, yum yum, have a bite, you are going to like it."  However well the incoming president makes his case, they won't like it.  And here's why.

In a politically correct world, every behavior, good or bad, is accepted, protected, lauded, and legalized.  In a socialist world, all are set free from moral restraints, societal expectations, and capitalist demands and realities that some succeed and others fail. 

In his book, Assignment in Utopia, Eugene Lyons has a chapter titled, "Bargains in Ideals and Omelettes" which illustrates some of the things that still typify the world view of many liberals, eighty years after Lyon's book was written.  In this chapter he tells about the many liberals from all walks of life and a variety of countries that marched themselves to Moscow to bathe in the glory of this new world order. 

"Soft-boiled idealists found familiar slogans, day nurseries, model prisons, bigger and better uplift.  Pale advocates of juiceless causes---birth control, Esperanto, new calendars, sex equality, prison reform, big families, futurist dancing, modern education---found surcease from contempt.

Everyone outside the Soviet Union who accounted himself enlightened and advanced veered toward Intourist under the pleasant illusion that Bolshevism was a new, more gloriously intransigent bohemianism.

............ Virginal school teachers and sex-starved wives came close to the masses, especially the male classes, and some of them
were so deeply impressed with the potency of Bolshevik ideas that they extended their visas again and again.  A few of them emerged to write shrill books extolling the Soviet Union's 'new unshackled attitudes,' the equality of the sexes, abortion clinics.  One such volume---which I described uncharitably as 'a horizontal view of Russia'---saw the glorious new morality chiefly through the eyes of a stalwart Red sailor. 
The antics of these foreigners were an endless source of amusement to us.  Earnest seekers after 'the truth at last about Russia,' new philosophies in sugar-coated pill form, confirmation of their private phobias, revenge on the world.

They joined the Friends of the Soviet Union and felt themselves bold iconoclasts participating in the rebirth of the world. 

I think back to Jane, a thin, high-strung New York liberal who quivered visibly at the sight of a new man.  In Bolshevism she found not only a job but escape from the restraints of an unsatisfactory husband and the supervision of a middle-class family.  Sitting on an unmade bed in her hotel room she could talk for hours about freedom for women under the Red flag.  'Starvation, forced labor, the extermination of the intelligentsia,' she said, 'bah!'  it's worth it, it's worth it, I tell you, because Russia has liquidated sex bugaboos.  Equality of men and women, the single standard..... It's worth it!'

So there you have it.  This is what Hillary offered them on a silver platter---freedom from "sex bugaboos." 
This is what it looks like as
a liberal's world collapses
When Trump won it was probably to a good many liberals the end of an orgy and the promise that life for them would continue to approve whatever feels good at the moment and overlook what destroys a whole society over time.  It is that startling realization you get when the lights in the ceiling are turned on at the end of a raucous party and you get a look at the messy tables and the trash and debris littering the dance floor.  Somehow the room was a lot more fun when the light of truth was not so glaringly cruel.

There will never be a "rebirth of the world," regardless of how many new despots roam the earth.  And there will never be a better order for man than the laws established by God in the Ten Commandments and the love Christ taught us during his ministry here on earth.  Man is somehow better when he is on a leash, when he is constrained by a definitive right and wrong, when he seeks and puts his faith in a knowable truth, and when he denies himself, takes up his cross, and follows in the footsteps of Christ and the disciples. 

The liberals will keep on crying over the loss of this election and their ability to trample anyone who gets in the way of their sexual liberation and economic irresponsibility.  There will always be those who reject the narrow way in favor of the idea you can be your own god.  They will call us Bible thumpers, and backward, and medieval.  They will detest the inequality of our families and our Church.  They will rail on our interference in the slaughter of their unborn and insist it is none of our business.  But, with the Democrats in disarray and licking their wounds, they will hopefully be hampered, for a while at least, in inflicting their disordered dogma on us.  Right now they are suffering from withdrawal, a painful process, I'm told, not from an opiate, but another addiction as bad or worse.  It is the cessation of the belief that nothing could stand in the way of their godless quest for self gratification.   

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